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Furthur '98

Official Press Release



The Grateful Dead was more than the sum of its human parts; it was a process, an attitude, an adventure. The 1998 Furthur Festival is pleased to announce that it will present "The Other Ones," an ensemble composed of Mickey Hart (percussion, vocals), Bruce Hornsby (keyboards, vocals), Phil Lesh (bass, vocals), and Bob Weir (guitars, vocals), joined by friends Dave Ellis (saxophones, vocals, from Ratdog), Stan Franks (guitars, from the David Murray Octet), and John Molo (drums, with Bruce Hornsby).

These former (and one de facto) members of the Dead, touring together for the first time since 1995, will spend two or more hours every night reinterpreting one of rock's most enduring repertoires in both acoustic and electric configurations, resuming an experiment that will go on in ever-new directions.

The tour will run from late June to the end of July, visiting all the better arenas and amphitheatres across the United States, and will include the talents of Rusted Root and old friends Hot Tuna. The traditional vending village will be along for the ride. The tour will be produced by Metropolitan Entertainment.

The adventure continues.