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( CD-GD-VBO ) Very Best of Grateful Dead CD

Grateful Dead
The Very Best of Grateful Dead

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In what appears to be the first glimpse of a unified catalog of the Dead, Rhino is releasing this single-CD compilation that spans the Warner Bros years through the Grateful Dead Records releases, and finally the Arista era. Perhaps you're the kind of Deadhead who has all these songs already, and may have no need for this compilation, but I can think of at least a couple of reasons to get this.

First, it's the best way to give the unitiated a taste of the Dead. Deep at heart, we are often quite evangelical about our interest in the band and its music. Here's a good way to spread the gospel! So I see this as a great gift item.

Second, to be honest, it's not a bad thing to have to put in your car CD player!

Third, according to the internal info from WEA:

"Each release will include 1 of 8 limited edition replica passes from their 1995 tour (which feature characters from the pages of Marvel Comics)."

Here's more info from Rhino's press release:

17-Track, Single Disc In Stores September 16

Grateful Dead's long, strange trip took them through a few different record labels, and now the journey comes full circle with the release of THE VERY BEST OF GRATEFUL DEAD. Due September 16, the CD is the first comprehensive career-spanning "best of" collection ever from these Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

Featuring cuts from the band's legendary Warner Bros. years, their historic stay at Arista Records (where they enjoyed their first Top 10 smash, "Touch Of Grey"), and their own Grateful Dead Records label, THE VERY BEST OF GRATEFUL DEAD features 17 of the most well-known and beloved songs in the band's storied career.

Grateful Dead staples such as "Casey Jones," "Uncle John's Band," "Ripple," "Truckin'," and "Sugar Magnolia" (all featured on the multiplatinum albums American Beauty and Workingman's Dead ) finally share the same disc space with "Hell In A Bucket," "U.S. Blues," and "Fire On The Mountain" for the first time in history. The entire track listing is as follows:

  1. Truckin' (Warner Bros.)
  2. Touch Of Grey (Arista)
  3. Sugar Magnolia (Warner Bros.)
  4. Casey Jones (Warner Bros.)
  5. Uncle John's Band (Warner Bros.)
  6. Friend Of The Devil (Warner Bros.)
  7. Franklin's Tower (Grateful Dead/United Artists)
  8. Estimated Prophet (Arista)
  9. Eyes Of The World (Grateful Dead)
  10. Box Of Rain (Warner Bros.)
  11. U.S. Blues (Grateful Dead)
  12. The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) (Warner Bros.)
  13. One More Saturday Night (Live, 1972) (Warner Bros.)
  14. Fire On The Mountain (Arista)
  15. The Music Never Stopped (Grateful Dead/United Artists)
  16. Hell In A Bucket (Arista)
  17. Ripple (Warner Bros.)

According to Rhino Records' James Austin -- who, in addition to compiling the package with the Grateful Dead, also wrote the liner notes -- "this CD is only a distillation of a journey spanning more than 30 years, one that continues to this day."

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