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( CDVR-LOVE-FC ) Love, Forever Changes Vinyl Replica

Forever Changes
Vinyl Replica

This album is definitely one of my top ten all-time choices. I don't want to promise that if you love the Dead you'll love this (pun half intended), but there are some similarities to American Beauty. This is definitely a psychedelic classic, based on a strong acoustic guitar foundation. I have always loved this album, and if you haven't heard it, see if a friend of your's has a copy. This replica packaging is really cool, with even a paper sleeve inside! There is no jewel case, just a CD-sized evocation of one of the best LP's ever. The two main forces in the band, Arthur Lee and Bryan MacLean, have passed away, but will live on in this timeless classic.

from Rhino:

Japanese imports of vinyl replicas have been collectible favorites for years. Now Rhino introduces this classic album and others in original LP packaging painstakingly reconstructed in a CD-size jacket.

The third and final album by the original Love lineup, Forever Changes is universally recognized as the L.A.-based psychedelic folk-rock pioneers' most fully realized studio effort. Produced by band co-founder Arthur Lee and The Doors' engineer/producer Bruce Botnik, and released by Elektra in early '68, the album features Lee's tremulous vocals, striking melodies, evocative orchestral arrangements, and inscrutable but poetic lyrics.

  1. "Alone Again Or" (MacLean, 3:16)
  2. "A House Is Not a Motel" (Lee, 3:31)
  3. "Andmoreagain" (Lee, 3:18)
  4. "The Daily Planet" (Lee, 3:30)
  5. "Old Man" (MacLean, 3:02)
  6. "The Red Telephone" (Lee, 4:46)
  7. "Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale" (Lee, 3:34)
  8. "Live and Let Live" (Lee, 5:26)
  9. "The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This" (Lee, 3:08)
  10. "Bummer in the Summer" (Lee, 2:24)
  11. "You Set the Scene" (Lee, 6:56)

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