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Streaming Audio Chat with Bill Walton

The first inductee into the Grateful Dead Hall of Honor

Today, I interviewed Bill Walton on the phone, and present that here in streaming audio. Interviewing Bill Walton is perhaps the easiest and most difficult job at the same time.

Easy, because he was so expansive and articulate, that one barely needs to say anything at all to get some good conversation and colorful, quotable talk.

This same quality makes it difficult if one has any pretentions of being some kind on in-control interviewer. Bill is a force of nature, and not easily turned in a direction he doesn't want to go! When you listen to the interview (and I use that term loosely) you'll see I gave up any such ideas right out of the gate!

Click here to hear RealAudio interview with Bill Walton


Working for the Dead wasn't just a job, it was an adventure. And even without the performing band, the folks at G.D. Productions have tried to keep that spirit flourishing. So when our wholesale manager, Russ Knudsen, came up with the idea for a Grateful Dead Hall of Honor, the band gave its blessing and we've jumped on it: The Grateful Dead Hall of Honor exists to honor people we think exemplify the right stuff, and we'll be selling T-shirts and posters toward that end, with all profits going to the Rex Foundation. Our first honoree is Bill Walton.

It wasn't only that, as the tallest Dead Head, he was easy to spot. Bill Walton was probably the band's favorite Dead Head because the qualities he brought to basketball -- dedication, the team/ensemble concept, a sense of humor -- were exactly the virtues they applied to their music.

So Bill was the, you'll pardon the expression, slam dunk unanimous choice for the first honoree. In pursuit of that, the Dead Hall of Fame has commissioned artwork from our esteemed friend Tim Truman to be available on T-shirts and posters to benefit Bill's and the Dead's favorite cause, the Rex Foundation, which supports environmental, social, and arts causes around the U.S.

Three hundred first edition artist's proofs of the poster, signed by both Bill and Tim, will be available for $75, and 2000 posters signed by Bill will go for $30. T-shirts (M - XXL) will go for $20.

It would be terrrrrible for any Dead Head or hoops fan to miss a great chance to support a worthy cause. Besides, Tim Truman's artwork is terrific.

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