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Wednesday, 2/6/2002

Streaming Audio Chat with the Trichromes

A round-table discussion at the Grateful Dead studio

I went up to the Grateful Dead studio at their headquarters in Marin to do some sort of Trichromes interview. I was told that I would at least get to talk to Sy Klopps (Herbie Herbert) and probably with longtime GD roadie, and now the Trichromes manager, Steve Parish. I was told Billy would probably not be involved, as some prior innterviews had not gone well.

When I entered Steve's trailer to setup, he warned me about the ghosts. Sure enough, for some reason, my DAT was making terrible noises during a test record (during this test, Steve related how the name came about: they were sport fishing, and one of the fish that came out of the water had the word "Trichromes" etched in its side.) So, the interview was delayed as I went to a local Radio Shack to get a new battery for my microphone (grasping at straws as to what could be the matter!)

I don't really think it was the battery, but after slamming the doors and kicking the tires a few times, things seemed fine. I headed back, but the trailer was empty. They were in the studio, and perhaps I had missed my window, but as Steve and Herbie started to go back to the trailer to do the interview, I gestured to Billy that he should join us, and we just decided to do a round-table interview there in the studio!

What follows is the raw record of entering the Trichromes reality distortion field. Seated clockwise to my left were singer Sy Klopps (Herbie Herbert), guitarist Ralph Woodson, manager Steve Parish, production assistant Danny Schow, and drummer Bill Kruetzmann. New bassist Mike Dipirro (sp?) was in the control room at the time dialing in the bass sound.

Click here to hear RealAudio interview with the Trichromes

At the end of the interview, Steve agreed to talk for a couple of minutes about the current state of Jerry's guitars, which Steve cared for for many years. We couldn't get into too much detail yet, since it seems that things aren't totally wrapped up, but his enthusiasm for the topic is clear.

Click here to hear RealAudio interview with Steve Parish

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