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Community Chat with Scott Murawski of Max Creek 8/14/2001
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transcription courtesy of Renee Pfeffer

Geoff Gould: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's chat here at the GDF we have Scott Murawski, guitarist from Max Creek as our guest, who are playing.. at the Summit this weekend - woo hoo!

click on the banner at right for more info…also, check out the maxcreek.com site below …so welcome Scott

Scott Murawski: thanks geoff! it's a pleasure to be here

Bassjam624: hey Scotty-congrats on yoiur new CD, how's the family?

SM: thanks! the family is good... boys just had a birthday

GG: did you guys ever play La Honda in 73 or 74?

SM: aha.. nope... we didn't make it to california until 97

Dudemon16: Scott, can you talk about Scottness?

SM: scottness is the name that has been given to my solo work

the scottness cd... quite a project... it's different from creek cuz i do everything except drums. you can order on www.scottness.net...

SM: meanwhile, jeff pevar and i are playing some "guitarness" shows. I love playing with jeff

SM: guitarness - one at the living room, and one in simsbury

SM: the living room (Providence) is the 29th of this month, and simsbury is the 30th... at the maple tree

Ladywthafn: I'll be there with bells on 

TTapes: I hope everyone had as much fun as we did at Camp Creek! What an amazing time! Thanks for letting us be part

CREEKstWREN: camp was great

SM: camp was great this year!!

DogofSky: it was great seeing you jam with trucks

Seventurns1phish: what is your favorite phish song??

SM: favorite phish song... hmmm.. i like mike's songs the best

GG: I think now would be a good time to talk about the Summit; seems like an awesome lineup

SM: yes, very psyched for that

SM: well, i know that creek will have some special guests sitting in with us

Gail1951: you gonna stay long and catch the other acts

SM: including jeff pevar, tom constantin...and more. my kids will be with me, so we'll see how long they last

Ttapes: I'm jetting up to Indian Lookout in a couple minutes

CREEKstWREN: scott what advice would u give to young muscians trying to start a jam band of there own?

SM: advice to young musicians... take chances!!

McKay303: how is playing in the studio different than playing live or is it

SM: fewer people to play off of

Gail1951: I love the way you play off a crowd

SM: it's all about playing off of the "now".. forgetting your fingers... that's the trick.. playing to the people around you...

GG: but now the important question: What kind of ice cream do you like?

GG: traditional GDF question

SM: cookie dough

Seventurns1phish: phishfood

Gail1951: i kept getting chocolate at camp

SM: but, lime popcicles rule too

Ladywthafn: ice cream shop in Simsbury has a flavor called moose tracks...mmm

AlliePitch: starbucks mud pie rokks

GG: Scott, you mentioned a day job, is that something that needs discussion?

SM: i program medical software full time during the day

SM: the band went part time in 91...

SM: and it was actually helpful to the music and vibe...

Ladywthafn: you guys still play quite a bit for part time

GG: seems like you can play more for the love of music that way

SM: exactly

SM: rider has a video business

SM: rob has a percussion shop

Gail1951: never knew that

SM: allshouse actually does television audio

livecreek1: And Mark just jams!!!

livecreek1: We've heard the story behind so many songs...Tell me about ICU..

SM: it's a song that questions why we do things

Ladywthafn: what song is that?

SM: a new one of mine

GG: since y'all are day-jobbing it, does that mean you don't get out west often?

SM: we make jaunts out west we'll be in colorado in october , then california in the spring

SM: who's going to the summit?

Gail1951: i'm starting vaca with the summit

CREEKstWREN: summit bound here

Ladywthafn: the lineup looks great!

SM: yup, an excellent lineup..it's an excellent venue

Gail1951: string cheese is hot

Ladywthafn: you should really come out for it

CREEKstWREN: scott we here ur a big talking heads fan...whats ur opinion of adrian belews guitar playing

SM: adrian belew is awesome...

GG: so, Scott, what are you listening to now? What's in your CD player?

SM: mark mckay!

SM: had the meters in there last night

Reneetunes: funkyMETER are playing the summit too. love them

SM: i'm trying to listen to as much different people as i can

GG: Well, good intro; tomorrow night, we'll have George Porter, Jr here to chat

SM: met him at the gathering, very nice guy; played the 30 year jam with him

CREEKstWREN: scot when ur in the car..on the way to work,whats in the ole tape deck

SM: i put rhythm tracks in the tape deck so i can make up lyrics while i drive

Freakyfunky1: Any topics you can share about the songs in the works?

SM: i've been focusing more on guitar playing as of late rather than writing...

but, the way it works... that's when the good stuff comes out, when you're not trying

GG: writing is definitely a "harvesting" operation much of the time, right?

SM: yes, harvesting

JKB482: just out of curiosity was anyone at greatwoods when scotty played tuesday's gone with phish

JKB482: that was a moment

GG: brings up a good question or two...

GG: favorite guitarists?

SM: gilmore, garcia, mike stern

SM: not in that order... also...scofield, tony rice,

SM: Jeff Pevar ; one of my all time favorites

SM: stern.. he's a jazz player who captures an essense i really like

SM: the guy from psychedelic breakfast...

CREEKstWREN: heck ya

SM: in fact, watch that band... they're on fire

GG: I would say Jeff doesn't get the recognition he warrants

CREEKstWREN: yup tim he rocks

Reneetunes: i love michael hedges

SM: hedges...

SM: LOVE hedges

SM: he did "comfortably numb"... blew me away

SM: and leo kottke

livecreek1: How about Fred Moore?

SM: fred moore... LOVE fred moore

GG: Any favorite bands from outside US/UK? I love a lot of African guitar bands for example

SM: king sonny ade; i've downloaded african stuff and latin stuff..

GG: his old pedal steel player was awesome

SM: love pedal steel

McKay303: scott, how do you pull off the pedal steel sound with your gear so well

SM: i have a pedal steel

SM: the thing about king sunny... is the three guitars playing single notes that make up a single guitar part… i saw him with his 24 piece band

CREEKstWREN: hey x.lil trouble making out lyrics to the song"secrets" are u speaking french or

something at 1 point

SM: brazillian portuguese

SM: the lyrics are posted on www.scottness.net

GG: tell us guitar freaks a little about your equipment Scott

SM: i use a POS ibanez musicion and a POD from line6

Bassjam624: you don;t make it sound like a POS, me hermano!

SM: and a roland jc120

GG: great amp

SM: i like the pod now... but i hated it when i first got it

GG: but I often felt it was a great rhythm amp

SM: the secret is to interface it to your computer and change everything inside

McKay303: Scott, you've got that POD tuned into Mars man

CREEKstWREN: isnt ur ibanez re wired from its original state

SM: the ibanez is rewired, but it's all the same hardware... i recently had the ibanez refretted, and had the bridge filed...but i think it needs more work

DogofSky: what gauge strings do you use?

SM: i use 11s

Bassjam624: The new Relix says there will be a Creek bos set out at year's end…any truth to that?

SM: yes... maxology

Bassjam624: awright! can't wait! Thank you! S

TTapes: Hey folks, I've gotta get going up to Mariaville, but Lee's going to hang out for a bit...Scott, you rock!

SM: hey ken... we'll see you up there!

TTapes: thank you to all & I hope to see you this weekend! Safe travels, Ken

Chrisper75: Scott, have you seen many other guitars like yours around,(the Ibanez MC550)?

SM: no, haven't seen to many ibanzes just like mine

GG: got any unkown players we should keep our ears open for?

SM: hmmm