Dennis McNally Interactive Live Chat 4/29/98 at 8 PM EDT, 5 PM Pacific.

What a tangled web!

Grateful Dead Publicist Dennis McNally helped us inaugurate our new "Enhanced Conference Room." The basic concept is that there is a "stage" area and an "audience" area, but the people on the stage can see all the chat in the audience, and vice versa. It was pretty cool if you were there, but a big pain to untangle archive-wise. My advice to those that are able to attend is to catch the event in real-time; it's more fun that way.

--Geoff Gould

GDF Sysop

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GDF Conference Room

4/29/98 4:50:58 PM Opening "System Log 4/29/98"

Geoff Gould : Any GDF questions before he comes?

Daren1828: Is Vince going to be at Further?

GG : No Vince at Furthur.

Daren1828: He should be there along side Hornsby.

GG : Welcome everyone.

Dennis McNally : Here I am, ya'll.

LPlaner: Dennis , what can you tell us about Mick's new Ryko disc "Supra Lingua"?

GG : Dennis McNally has agreed to help test our new conference room, so he'll answer what he can. Take it away Dennis.

DM : Hold it, let me start with LPlaner. "Supra Lingua" is Mickey's latest album, and it'll be out in August. It's the Planet Drum bunch, with one female vocalist and lots of very cool electronics. As you can tell, it's beyond words, so the language that she sings in is not English -- or any other language you know.

GG : Is Bakithi on it?

DM : Yes Bakithi is in it.

Jgbwtby77: Dennis, ya know those oriental rugs on Dead stage? How'd you guys make em move around like that?

DM : Note to Jgbwtby77: I want some of your drugs.

Jgbwtby77: I want some of your rugs.

MariaT Esq: You, Dennis? I thought you were past that.

DM : Nah, adolescent till I die.

DBel181254: Further in Florida this year?

DM : No, Furthur's not in Florida this year. We only have 28 days and 20 shows, and it's one long peninsula -- a lost day getting from there to anywhere.

GG : Well, I can see he'll not be able to answer all questions in real time!

Daren1828: Hey Dennis, do you think The Other Ones will record any new albums?

DM : As of now, no plans to record a TOO album, tho I assume they'll pull some tape on the road (I assume you mean a studio album).

LPlaner: Tell me about next week @ club front ... a very special reunion, I hear ...

DM : LPlaner, what's supposed to be happening next week at club front?

LPlaner: Uh, Other Ones rehershals.

RAM110: Why are they doin Indoor places ??

DM : RAM110: Do you know of a sane, large enough outdoor facility in the NYC area that would work? Liberty Park is insane for transport, ditto Queens. Jones Beach is too small. Yankee Stadium is too big... etc.

Terrapin12: Any word on a Philadelphia area Furthur show?

DM : There will be a Philly Furthur show (Entertainment Center in Camden, NJ), I'm reasonably sure. But there are various details to be worked out. Keep the faith.

GG : has all Furthur Tix info.

Dennydog11: Dennis- are you still working on a Garcia bio?

DM : Yes, I'm working on a Grateful Dead history (not just JG), but it'll be a while yet. If the Dead would kindly fire me I'd have a little more time.

Jgbwtby77: Will MMF tour the east cost?

DM : MMF will get to the east coast soon, I hope, but they're just spreading their wings this past weekend, so be patient. The word I got from Humboldt State and Eugene was really, really big fun.

GG : Vince said last night: "Write your congressman" to get MMF in your area

LPlaner: Gimmie the low down on Dick Picks #11 ... if you dare? ps finally found desolate angel

JWand98: Yeah what is up with Dick's Picks 11?

DM : I want to live: when Dick wants to announce DP 11, he will. I still want to know what reunion is supposed to happen, LPlaner?

LPlaner: Well, the rumour is that the boys will be togther and rehersing.

DM : LPlaner seemingly has better gossip channels than I do about when rehearsals start. Beats me.

RNVP87: Dennis: Is Bobby going to put together a "RATDOG" CD?

DM : Ratdog CD -- God knows it's about time that band recorded, but since there's no point in doing it without original material, and BW writes tunes with the galloping speed of a glacier, I have no info on when he'll get to it. Soon, I hope.

Rhgdedhed: Any word on the Riverport show? When do tix go on sale?

DM : Ticket sale info can be found at -- I've got no inside skinny. I do know that a number of shows, including the first one, go on sale 5/2 -- so check your local sources of info.

Rhgdedhed: Any surprise guests at Furthur? Hunter???

DM : I really and truly have no info on surprise guests at Furthur -- but if I did I wouldn't tell you, since then it wouldn't be a surprise. Enjoy, why doncha.

Jgbwtby77: Dennis: Three day run at the SPAC would been nice.

DM : A 3 day run at SPAC would not probably be terribly popular with the town parents of Saratoga Springs, I don't imagine.

RAM110: Jones Beach LI 14,000 people ??

DM : Jones Beach is run by a company the Dead and its family has never dealt with -- we work a lot on loyalty, and the people we do shows with go back a long, long way.

Dennydog11: Was there any discussion on bad history at Brendan Byrne? Why do the musicians support an arena where fans are abused... to this day!!!

DM : Dear Dennydog11: There is no facility on the east coast where I've not been told or witnessed bullshit. The entire management of security at Brendan Byrne was replaced, in large part at our demand and after lawsuits. Your question "why do the musicians support an arena" is way unrealistic on too many levels to go into.

JWand98: Are any more 90's shows due to come out? I beleive that the band got better with time.

DM : 90's shows question: I really do not know what the next DP or Vaults will be... so I can't answer.

RAM110: Dennis you all are doin a great job keepin it all alive !!!

DM : RAM110: Thanks, we're trying. But it's up to you guys.

MariaT Esq: Maya sez hi godfather.

DM : Maya is the most beautiful little girl in the world today.

LPlaner: Speaking of the faith, would you like to say a few words about any new JGB releases, or the lack thereof?

DM : I know nothing about JGB releases, but will ask Cutler if he's got anything in mind.

RNVP87: Dennis: Is Hornsby going to do any vocals w/ the Other Ones?

DM : rnvp87: I'm sure, but until they start rehearsing, who knows?

RAM110: Dennis, I remeber the Fillmore ( I am 38) cause Ratners Restaurant was my Grandmothers !!!!

DM : All hail Ratners, Bill Graham's favorite joint.

Jgbwtby77: hail hail

GG : Ratners?

RAM110: Ratners was a restaurant next to the Fillmore East ! My Grandmother owned it, great memories!

MariaT Esq: Three cheers for Ratners and the Fillmore -- two defunct NY institutions.

Daren1828: Does the lead guitarist touring with the Other Ones sound like Jerry?

DM : Daren1828: No, Stan Franks does not sound like Jerry -- which I think is the point.

Jgbwtby77: What do you guys think of the JGB band? Does that bother the inner circle?

DM : Jgbwtby77: I've known and worked with Melvin, Gloria, and Jackie for a very long time. I wish the name didn't confuse people, but ...

Jera Rune: What about KIMOCK& VEGA in MMF?????????

DM : Kimock and Vega left MMF, so I don't get your question. But check out the current guys -- John Wedemeier and Robin Sylvester (guitar and bass respectively). *Very* tasty.

Jgbwtby77: Is there any chance of Billy coming, coming, coming around for a Furthur show or two?

DM : Doesn't seem like BK wants to leave Hawaii -- would you? My personal guess is next year.

DM : THIS IS NOT A REUNION. The Other Ones are a new band; granted they're doing an old repertoire, but it's Not the GD.

RAM110: Dennis, will BGP ever release any of their videos from the Fillmore ????

DM : Most of the videos shot at the Fillmore ended up stolen -- anyway, I don't think so.

Dennydog11: Howz Susana? Whats her fave cigar these days?

GG : Cigars? IS that how she gets that voice?

MariaT Esq: dennydog -- isn't she still smoking macanudos?

DM : Dennydog11: The bigger the cigar, the better she likes it.

DBel181254: Hows terrapin station?


DM : Terrapin is still in process -- no new info.

KZ Fingers: Is it a realistic possibility that one of those May rehearsals will be live?

DM : No, I don't think it's realistic that any of the rehearsals will be accessible. That's why they're called rehearsals.

GG : I'd like to at least acknowledge Dennis' bravery in volunteering to come test this new conference room out.

Ryryrocco: Dennis, you're a brave man!

Aikoanne: Right on Den. You always were a trooper.

LX89302: Yeah seriously...thanks Dennis!!!!

Jera Rune: Why no more KIMOCK & Vega in MMF??? Why no ZERO on FURTHER Dennis??

DM : Ask Kimock or Vega, I really don't know -- my basic take was that they decided to stick with Zero. Zero didn't want to play the short sets that a festival requires, for one thing.

Daren1828: Hey Dennis, I can sound just like Brent on keyboards. Do u think Bobby would want me to tour with him? lol

DM : I'll tell Bobby you're available, Daren. But to tell the truth, Jeff Chimenti is one of the best.

Dulouz22: Are the OTHER ONES going to tour together after this summer? Any word??

DM : Dulouz22: No plans; let's get through the summer and see how everybody feels.

RAM110: How's the value of Jerry's Artwork doin these days?

DM : Ram110: Beats me.

Gr8fulTedC: How tough are the logistics moving equipment from town to town?

DM : gr8fulTedC: Not very tough, if you have a) guys who are strong enough to push wheeled boxes into a truck b) guys smart enough to load the truck safely
c) trucks that can get from point a to point b, and d) drivers who can push them.

Ryryrocco: Dennis, just curious...are there going to be any more west coast Furthur dates? If not, how come?

DM : Ryryrocco: Few west coast tour dates because of logistics -- limited number of dates (the band set a limit of a month) and travel in the west sucks up time. What we got is the best, on balance, of reaching the most people possible.

Ryryrocco: Have you heard Barry Sless from the Dave Nelson Band? He's the closest thing to Jerry I've ever heard.

DM : Ryryrocco: Yes, I agree about Sless. Too close, to my way of thinking.

LPlaner: Any news from BACKBONE?

DM : I hear that Backbone is no more.

GG : Dennis, wanna talk about radio stations? Did you get any useful info from that message board about the GD Radio stations?

DM : Yes, fabulous info from the message board. The band has been kind of standoffish about some of the local radio shows because of the fact, basically, that they're not too legal. But we're trying to change some of that, and in the name of community work them in. Any of you out there who know of a decent radio show for Dead Heads, let me know, please.

DTait28246: Dennis, are the Other Ones gonna make it to Texas?

DM : The Dead didn't do all that well in Texas, so TOO will not go there, at least at first.

Heavywt: Dennis, have you seen Bob Weir's child yet?

DM : Heavywt: Yes, I've seen Shala Monet Weir -- a real little doll. My goddaughter Maya may have her on points.. but you get the idea.

Jgbwtby77: OK Dennis, what is your personal fav year for shows and fav show ever?

DM : My fav year for shows is '69, fav show is probably 3/1/69, along with 2/13 and a couple others.

Ryryrocco: Dennis, when was your first Dead show?

DM : My first show was '68.

JJ10CEE: Are there any other bands on the tour besides the Other's, Tuna and Root?

DM : The tour is just 3 bands - TOO, Tuna, Root.

GG : There will be jamming after TOO I hope?

DM : I dunno about jamming -- tho I'd be surprised if Jorms doesn't hang around, as always.

GG : There's been a lot of wistful talk about Donna; it would be nice to see her show up once or twice.

DM : I'd love to see Donna, myself. The nicest lady -- I do know she sat in with Ratdog in Birmingham and it was big big fun.

KZ Fingers: Dennis, there are rumors of a fall tour. Is that realistic?

DM : Any rumors of a fall tour are nonsense because the band hasn't planned ahead and, b) Phil Lesh is not going to tour during the school year -- his boys, 8 and 11 (roughly) are the apple of his eye.

JJ10CEE: How does one get a job being a publisist? What kind of education or experience?

DM : JJ10CEE: Beat your brains out until you're really, really dumb. Then you're qualified to be a publicist.

Dennydog11: What is your favorite ice cream, Dennis-s-s-s-s-s

Miknbets: You should answer the ice cream question, it could become a dead chat tradition.

LPlaner: I like the ice cream idea

Dennydog11: Seems to be a catchy subject...especially Vince last nite.

DM : Of course my favorite flavor is Cherry G...

GG : mmm... 7 of 9!

GG : He's looking through old questions; he's wrapped up in what you asked 30 minutes ago!

DM : As Geoff said, I was about half an hour behind everybody. Sorry. Anyway, it's time to watch the last 10 minutes of God's performance against the Nets. Thanks for the ?????utions, we'll do it again some time.

GG : Thanks for coming Dennis!

Dennydog11: Bye bye Dennis....see ya' on tour???

LPlaner: Love ya Dennis

Heavywt: Thanks

Fenario420: See ya Dennis

DM : You're welcome. I'm serious -- we'll do it again if you like.

Dulouz22: Thanks for doing this Dennis

Dennydog11: You're the man, McNally!!!!

KZ Fingers: Encorrrrrrrrre!!!!!!!!

MariaT Esq: Peace, Dennis -- and kisses from Maya

TIO LESTER: Thanks Dennis

Miknbets: Thanks Dennis

Lioness ll: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{dennis}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Aikoanne: I met you at greek 88 Dennis, this is similar, bye

Jgbwtby77: Hey Dennis, thanks for having us. I want some of your rugs. They move all over & stuff. Oh we like, we like.

GG : OK, you guys have fun in this big room if you like, the doors close in a couple of minutes.

GG : Dennis has left the building.

Aikoanne: Elvis he ain't!

GG : The portal has closed, stay as long as you like.

4/29/98 6:03:01 PM Closing "System Log 4/29/98"

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