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David Gans GDForum Interview, September 14th, 1999

On 9/14/99 at 5:46:32 PM PDT, David Gans joined us for a chat in the medium-chaos of the GDF Enhanced Conferernce Room. David was about to embark on a solo tour, and also fielded a multiplicity of questions about the Grateful Dead Hour that he hosts, the passing of Dick Latvala and the future of the Vault, the upcoming 5-CD Box Set from the GD (co-produced with Steve Silberman and Blair Jackson), and of course, just about anything else the GDF heads felt like talking about. Enjoy.

Geoff Gould
GDF sysop

[PS from Geoff: This log is quite raw, and may contain many typos, as is the case with live chat. Please email me with important corrections.]

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David Gans: Hello dere!

Geoff Gould: tell the others in 710 David is here

DG: I told 'em I was on my way over here...

GG: ahh...

GrateMGL: hey Geoff

GG: hey now Grate

GrateMGL: hey david

TennJed228: Hey David how is going?

DG: Hello!

OceanDead7: Hey David = )

DrPoopP: hola!

DG: I'm getting ready to go on tour, first thing tomorrow morning -- if the planes are flying!

GrateMGL: where you going?

BrtWood: hello

TennJed228: Hexfest on Saturday

DG: Startinbg at Teaneck NJ, then to Hexfst in Barto PA, then...

DG: Baltimore, Fairfax VA, Chapel Hill NC, Charlotte, and

DG: one other I can't remember.

DG: My schedule is posted at

GrateMGL: no new york?

DG: Teaneck is as close as I'm getting on this trip.

GrateMGL: ahhh we;ll miss you

DG: T4eaneck ain't that far :^)

GrateMGL: thats true

DG: Anyway, we're getting the GD boxed set wrapped up this week, just in time.

HIGHTIME70: Good evening, anymore info on the 5 cd box set?

DG: What would you like to know?

GG: what a great name...Teaneck New Jersey!

Lioness 2065: hi :)

Jackolyte5: Is there a Good Lovin Planned?

HIGHTIME70: song list

GrateMGL: So Many Roads is on there right?

DG: No "Good Lovin'" --

BrtWood: what's it got?

DG: Yes to SMR. That's the title of the set!

TennJed228: People need to hear Brent!

OceanDead7: I`d love a songlist with the dates too ; )

GrateMGL: give us the down low man don't hold out

GrateMGL: lol

DG: We aren't divulging the whole list yet.

Iko8369: scarlet~fire??

Reidfarmer: How much of 11-6 79 is there?

Jackolyte5: Darn. :( I think that is something that is missing. A screamer by Bobby

OceanDead7: thought id try anyway

GG: he's got to hold out a little!

GG: ;-)

DrPoopP: oh, man...a tease!

Lioness 2065: i thought it wasn't supposed to start till 9 est.. ?

OceanDead7: So are you lookin to take over that vault or what?

GrateMGL: well give us something ~~~ :-P

OceanDead7: you have my vote

GG: but I have published the teaser CD song list

Mw3323: hi david

DG: We're early Lioness. Couldn't wait! :^)

Jackolyte5: Well mucho appreciation for that. :)

GG: Lioness, we're doing a sneak attack!

DG: I am not looking to take over the vault. I have a great job already!

Lioness 2065: oh. ok. :) hiya david, geoff..

OceanDead7: lol

DG: I think you're gonna be happy with the box. We couldn't do it ALL,

DG: but we did quite a bit!

OceanDead7: Let me rephrase....If offered ....would you accept?

GG: David will stay as long as he has fun

HIGHTIME70: sounds very intresting...

Mw3323: is anyone taking over the vault ?

DG: I don't know, Ocean.

OceanDead7: right on

DrPoopP: theres a nice article on Dick in the new Rolling Stone

DG: The vault is under control!

GrateMGL: i heard the liner notes are really cool ~ lots of good pics?

HIGHTIME70: release date?

DG: Which issue of RS? What's on the cover?

OceanDead7: 60 pages right?

TennJed228: Whats going on with dicks picks?

DG: I haven't seen the photos, but I know there are lots of pix

DG: no one has seen before.

OceanDead7: Nov 9th?

Jackolyte5: Awesome about the pics.

DrPoopP: i believe its Eddie Vetter on the cover i just saw it at the club last night its just come out

DG: Yes, 60 pages or so. Lots of essays by smart writers.

DG: Thanks, drPoop. That issue hasn't arrived here yet.

Jackolyte5: Is there anymore plans for box sets in the future?

BrtWood: tasty????

OceanDead7: I saw the post from Steve in the gdh mailing ......sounds great

DG: Release date is Novem,ber 9

HIGHTIME70: thanks

DrPoopP: its a nice article

GrateMGL: hey G is it going to be available on GDF?

HIGHTIME70: same nightas Dylan/phil show in Phila :)

Jackolyte5: I think with enough of us buying them it could be a pretty cool idea.

GG: well, BMG has certain release dates, always on Tuesdays

DG: I hope there will be more boxed sets. Let's hope this one is a big

GG: yes, we will have it here

OceanDead7: Anything from the Warlocks besides CCD?

JJ10CEE: Mr. Gans, I love the Radio show and listen out of 88.5 WRUR in Rochester NY. How about Rochester 85 show?

DG: success-- that will cerainly motivate the Poweers that Be!

GG: I'm buggin everyone for price info, but nothing final yet...right Dave?

DG: I cna't respond to specific requests here - I get doszens of them every week. Email me.


GrateMGL: G i was just about to ask

Jackolyte5: How come it seems that we can't get the radio show here in Detroit?

DG: I don't know what the deal is on the list price and discounts.

Jackolyte5: It seems like Detroit is not a Dead friendly town

DG: We have been trying in Detroit for YEARS.

GrateMGL: the $ will probably be a bit of coin being 5 discs

JJ10CEE: Please, Thanx anyway! Keep Spreadin the Vibe!!!!

Jackolyte5: I mean Bobby is not coming through this tour like he did the past couple.

TennJed228: Can you give us anything on the next Dick's Picks?

HIGHTIME70: i'm thinking $75

DG: I don't know what the deal is with Dick's Picks.

OceanDead7: Anything on the box from the Warlocks besides CCD?

Jackolyte5: It seems that Detroit is one of the toughest towns for radio shows to get into.

GG: somewhere between $49.98 and $69.98 is what I've heard

DG: Yes, OceanDead.

Jackolyte5: Stern didn't come on until 97.

GrateMGL: I imagine that it will be through GDM?

DG: GDM will have the box for sale, yes. And I would hope GDF will, too!

GG: The box set will be available everywhere, at least for a while

OceanDead7: any hints?

OceanDead7: = )

Jackolyte5: How hard was it to come up with the songs for the box set?

OceanDead7: I am definately looking forward to this box set

GG: we will take preorders as soon as I have info

Mw3323: are there gonna be any more complete shows relased on video ?

DG: We had a great team with a zillion great ideas - nbarrowing it down and making the selerctions make sense toge

BrtWood: any special guests?

DG: was a bit of a challenge.

OceanDead7: good question mw

HIGHTIME70: a nice way to end 1999

DG: We had to leave out TONS of stuff.

GrateMGL: hey David any Band input?

Reidfarmer: lolDG: Phil Lesh had lots of input.

HIGHTIME70: such as

Jackolyte5: I mean there are a million versions of each song. How do you distinguth one Corrina from another?

Iko8369: thats tons of stuff for the next box set

DG: I know NOTHING about video releases. That's a John Cutler question, and he never

DG: tells me nothin' :^)

GG: It's good to be the Phil!

Jackolyte5: Boo on John. LOL


GrateMGL: Cutler should get off his butt and get crackin

GrateMGL: lol

GG: the Downhill DVD comes out 10/12

Bsbal 15: whos going to take over the vault now?

DG: OUR ears, that is. Jeez, my typing sux!

Jackolyte5: Understandable.

OceanDead7: I heard Phil decided to leave on a SMR that at first he thought was too "raw"....wanna slide us tha date?

HIGHTIME70: News Years Show should be pay per view

GG: I want the closing of Winterland on Video. Dick wanted it too!

Reidfarmer: liked it better the iother way

DG: No one has to take over the vault. It's right where it always has been.

DG: No comment, OceanDead7

EMoore9121: Any news on a New Years show

Bsbal 15: i mean is there going to continue to be a line of something like "dicks picks" still?

GrateMGL: I heard that the band video taped alot of shows

OceanDead7: darn

DG: I have no news about a Neww Year's show.

DG: I am sure there will be more Dick's Picks.

Iko8369: when can we expect the next video?

DG: Geoff might know if an annoucnement was made -- I never get those press releases.

Mw3323: has everything in the vault been converted to digital ?

DrPoopP: ive heard some pretty cool rumors around san francisco about NYE...hmmmm

DG: I know nothing about videos.

Bjwbvglens: say david did stealin make the box set

DG: No, everything in the vault has not been converted to digital. Yet.

GG: I know nuthin' 'bout no DixPix in the future

DG: No Stealin' on the box

GrateMGL: SO Dave do us a favor and see if you can tell the powers that be that we need vids....

Jackolyte5: Live Touch?

HIGHTIME70: New Ratdog CD ?

HIGHTIME70: any eyes?

DG: I don't know about a new Ratdog CD, either.

Jackolyte5: Good Question Hightime. :)

DG: Jeez, I'm not much use here, am I?

DG: Eyes, YES!

Iko8369: scarlet/fire on the box?

BrtWood: special guests on box set?

DG: Scarlet->Fire, YES!

Reidfarmer: how much of the watkins glen sound check, just the jam?


Bsbal 15: is it true about the phil/dylan tour?

DG: One special guest track.

EMoore9121: Do you know who might be with Phil on Oct,7-9

GG: c'mon, ask David something about his tour, his books, the GDH!

DG: Just the jam from WGlen

GG: his CD!

JKimball18: any chance of 12-31-73 w/ allmans

Reidfarmer: ok

DG: That ALlmans show is an Allman show, not a Dead show. I would guess it's up to them to release it.

DrPoopP: i would like to hear some of Ornette Coleman as far as 'guests'

HIGHTIME70: anything from the final show?

Jackolyte5: IS there any stations that simulcast the radio program on the net?

DG: I don't know who'll be playing with Phil. That's a secret.

EMoore9121: When will you be playing SF

BrtWood: who you playin' with david??

DG: Yes, Jacolyte. Fol.low the links at

GrateMGL: whats some of your set consist of D?

GG: I just got word that the Phil & Friends CD that GDM sells will be general-released in November

Reidfarmer: how big a draw do you require to book a gig?

Jackolyte5: Thank you David. :)

Gr8ful841: thanks for coming into my home every week..never miss your show

DG: I have no SF gigs planned for now. I'll be playing at Sweetwater in Mill Valley in November.

Luckyben7: David are you doing any east coast shows this yeaR>?

Sibhusk1: David will you be in So CA anytime soon

Mw3323: Whats Billy been up to ?

DG: My schedule is at

EMoore9121: Thanks Dave

DG: I don't know what Billy is up to. Staying in Hawaii as far as I know.

Bsbal 15: how do you go about getting the gdh here?

GG: we have a gdh page at keyword: gdhour; it has most of the useful links to David's stuff

DG: I am on my way to the east cost tomorrow, Luckyben./

DG: See for my schedule

DG: There's a file about that, Bsbal15, at

BrtWood: sweetwater is fun

GrateMGL: Dave i you play Dead covers I imagine in your set?

JKimball18: whats your fav dead song

DG: Yes, Grate, I play some GD c overs.

Bsbal 15: thanks

CosmicKC: What's going to happen to the Dick's Pick's?

GrateMGL: what are your personal favs to play?

DG: I like the ballads - Attics, Brokedown, Whjarf Rat, Black Peter -- and I also play Rubin and Cherise

Capthubie: how bout gans picks?

Reidfarmer: closest of your gigs is 3 hrs, on a weeknight

Bsbal 15: if you had to pick your favorite show which would you choose?

DG: I can't tell you aogut Dick's Picks - that's up to Johgn Cutler.

Bjwbvglens: Dave any hopes of a decent live fennario

EMoore9121: Any chance of playing 12/27/81 on GDH

JKimball18: any dates for DP 15

OceanDead7: What about Run For The Roses? Kind of similar to Reuben ....

Reidfarmer: too far for me, with 5 kids & fulltime job

HIGHTIME70: ever think of playing Atlantic city?

DG: I won't anseer that, Bsbal. Too many great shows, and no need to choose only one.

GrateMGL: Run for the Roses is a fun song to play

Mw3323: do you have favorite show ? if so which ?

SugarMg27: Hi Dave, wish you'd come to Indiana..Murat Theater is an awesome place

GrateMGL: i play that out me ownself

CosmicKC: Dick's picks may go on as Cutlers picks??? Is anyone minding the vault??

Bsbal 15: how about a favorite schoolgirl? or say lovelight rap?

DG: If you know of a place for me to play, contact my agent --

DG: Cutler is minding the vault. Carefully!

GG: I have the impression Dick left a lot of notes behind, right Dave?

Reidfarmer: how big a place?

Iko8369: why cant you get a two hour radio show to put out full sets at once

OceanDead7: What size place are you looking for ?

HIGHTIME70: Trump Marina the Shell

BrtWood: any santa barbara shows?

DG: Dick had a lot of ideas. I assume they will put some of those things out.

IDead31590: What the deal with the Box Set

DG: One hour a week is plenty!

DG: The boxed set is coming out November 9.

OceanDead7: I disagree!! One hour is not nearly enough

GrateMGL: well that it would be the Grateful Dead Two Hour?

OceanDead7: ; )

GrateMGL: that would be a silly name for it ~ :-P

Jackolyte5: To much of anything is just enough.

GrateMGL: kidding of course

DG: Small places, Reidfarmer. I'm a small act for now :^)

GG: seeing as it's past 6....Welcome everybody to tonight's GDF chat. David Gans is here

GrateMGL: the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom

IDead31590: is it all live?

GrateMGL: any studio out takes?

Jackolyte5: Is there a lko Iko on the set?

DG: The boxed set is MOSTLY live stuff, with some studio pouttakes and rehearsals.

DG: No Iko Iko

DrPoopP: i used to do a Dead show on a college station and i had 4 hours and that wasnt enough time!

GrateMGL: oh give us just a little more info ~

DG: There are some terrific JAMS on the set.

Iko8369: is there a terrapin?

Eleven Jam: is this still going on or did david bail?

DG: Not enough Pigpen, but we hope they'll put out a Pigpen compilation in the near future.

BESTTMan: live stuff over the 30 years or periods????

GG: David is here, he is DG

DG: Likewise acoustic stuff. We couldn't do it all!

Luckyben7: David, exactly how much piGpEn?

GG: My name is Geoff Gould, your GDF host

Reidfarmer: 11 6 79!

Hiking34: david you catch any hornsby shows?

CosmicKC: Is the box set part of a contractual obligation to Arista or is something the band wanted to do???

DG: Live stuff from the entire 30-year Long Strange Trip!

DG: It's somerthing the band wanted to do.

SugarMg27: Dave, are you playin the MagFest in FL this year??

GrateMGL: who's label?

DG: I haven't seen Hornsby in quite some time.

DG: Yes to MagFest! My favorite gig!

Eleven Jam: david- what do you think of blair's book? I'm about halfway through and find it thorough and intriguing

SugarMg27: woooooohoooooo

BrtWood: are you going to play santa barbara ?

DG: I really like Blair's book. I read it in manuscript.

GrateMGL: i saw bruce at WoodStock ~

DG: I have no plans to play Santa Barbara, though I would love to. Nioce town!

GrateMGL: killed it as did Mickey

GG: I'm almost done with the book too; a chapter every morning in the bathroom!

BrtWood: love to have you!!

SugarMg27: LOL Geoff

DG: EWmail if you have a gig in mind.

SugarMg27: <still waiting on my copy

Luckyben7: DaVid does the boxed set tend to focus on one era in particular???

Jackolyte5: Do you think that any radio stations will play anything off the album

Eleven Jam: any new recordings, it hought home by morning was fantastic. i think i sent you a copy of my review of it

DG: No, Luckyben - the whole 30 years are represented.

Reidfarmer: <<bathroom readers unite>>!!

BrtWood: Ok

DrPoopP: <doesnt want to borrow Geoffs copy lol

GG: for those of you still waiting, Penguin/Putnam is the lamest publisher I work with.

DG: We hope radio will play some of it!

Capthubie: Is hog for you on it?

GrateMGL: Dave ~ what kind of guitars you play through?

DG: ElevenJam - yes! We quote your review all the time!

GG: Hopefull get more books in tomorrow, quite overdue

Reidfarmer: name, poopP?

Mw3323: are there any Brent songs ?

DG: No new recortdings -- I'm still playing off that last one :^)

SugarMg27: Are you still singing the Monica Lewinsky song? Its hilarious

DG: Yes to Brent -- OF COURSE!

Reidfarmer: :-)

Jackolyte5: It seems that the radio never gives the Dead the credit they are due.

DrPoopP: <Martin

DG: I sing "Monica" - only now I call it "history " :^)

DG: No Hog. We couldn't do it all!

DG: I play a Rick Turner guitar - Renaissance model.

JReino: David, will you be playing Philharmonia again in Dec? any insight as to who will be there?

DG: A great stage "acoustic"

GG: a new one?

Luckyben7: Are there alot of cover songs in the boxed set?

DG: I know nothing about Phil Harmonia. I haven't been invited to participate.

GG: a Turner loyalist fer shure!

DG: I don't remember offhand, LuckyBen. Some covers, for sure.

DG: I LOVE my Turner electric, too!

Luckyben7: cool

Capthubie: I have a great hog from Manhatten 71 that would`ve worked

DG: There are a thousand things that would have worked. We couldn't do it all.

Capthubie: I hear ya

CosmicKC: Still getting a lot of support for the Radio show??

Reidfarmer: rilly?

BrtWood: are you playing with a full band?

DG: No, BrtWood -- I'm touring as a solo acoustic act. And enjoying it immensely!

Bjwbvglens: That Mother McCrees sure was a blast

GrateMGL: Sheryl Crow is playing in central park ~ kickin some ass with clapton ~

DG: The radio show still has plenty of support.

GrateMGL: just thought i'd tell you all

DG: Yeahg, I liked tyhat McCree's release a lot.

Media69: How about more Dead Video tapes?

GrateMGL: Hey Dave how do you approach acoustic solo?

Luckyben7: David have you seen the e!true story on Jerry and if so what did u think?

BrtWood: any bluegrass?

DG: I know nothing about videos.

Reidfarmer: amusing garcia quotes!

CosmicKC: Yeah Dead on video!

GrateMGL: that e- true story bit the big one

DG: I was interviewedd for that E! documentary, bvut I haven't watched the final result.

DG: "Any bluegrass" what?

TennJed228: It was horrible

Boxofphil: its really weak

BrtWood: you play any??

Capthubie: I thought the E thing was lame

DG: How do I approach acostuic solo? ENTHUSIASTICALLY!

DrPoopP: that E! documentary was bad

GG: ask David about something he's involved in: his tour, books, the GDH, the box set

Luckyben7: the dramatizations were real cheap

GrateMGL: the re-inactments were hilarious

Jackolyte5: Is the Dead going to be featured in a VH1 Behind the Music in the future?

DG: I love to take off-the-wall requests.

FeelLikeARatdog: Hey David how comes yer band sucks so much?

GrateMGL: Garcia would have laughed his ass off

FeelLikeARatdog: well yer band is cool

FeelLikeARatdog: just not u

Media69: What about the box set? What kind of rarities will be on it?

GG: don't ask him about when will the GD reunite and come to Alpine Valley!

Capthubie: specifically the dying part

GrateMGL: no I mean technically

Media69: has the full track listing been released

DG: No, the full track listing hasn't been released.

CosmicKC: Alpine!!!!!!!!!

Mw3323: m.s.g


SugarMg27: FeelLikeALoser..get lost

GG: dot's me!

GrateMGL: i play in a band my own self ~ i find it hard to switch to a one man show

MitchCF: David you were awesome when you sat in with fungus in pittsburgh

DG: I love playing in a band, but I really enjoy the solo stuff.

DG: To tell you the truth, I wanted to get away from the "Dead cover band" thing for a while,

TennJed228: David you should get 10-27-79 on GDH.

GG: sitting with fungus? I hope you sprayed micatin first!

Media69: Any chance of getting a stronger outlet for the Dead Hour in NYC

DG: and establish myself as a songwriter anbd singer in my own right.

Media69: WDHA is hard to get

DG: I still do some Dead songs, of course -- I love 'em!

GrateMGL: i hear that ~ Wharf Rat is grate acoustic it works really well

DG: Can you get WFUV, Media69?

Hexfest: What kind of beverages do you prefer?

Media69: even worse

DG: I think I did play 10/27/79 on the GDH a while back.

Iko8369: FUV comes in weak

SugarMg27: A mix of covers and your own is very cool

Capthubie: We lost the gdh in Rochester

Media69: what about Q104?

EMoore9121: 12/26/81 my first show will you get to it on GDH

DG: Yes, Grate - Wharf Rat is fun to sing solo. I sometimes intertwine it with a Los Lobos song...

DG: "One Time One Night."

Reidfarmer: off-subject, but "Sultans of Swing" is one of my alltime faves

GrateMGL: i love that song

GrateMGL: :-P

Luckyben7: David when and where was your first Gd sHow????

DG: Mine, too, Reidfarmer! Playing that with Phil Lesh was a blast!

Media69: Stevie Nicks Wails

DG: Nmy firest GD show was 3/5/72

Reidfarmer: hearing it was killer!

GrateMGL: yeah she's on FOX right now

DrPoopP: Stevie Nicks....hehehe

DG: I thoguht WRUR was doing the GDH in Rochester?

GrateMGL: NYC central park ~

DG: w2ere you there, Reidfarmer?

Reidfarmer: no, got it thru GDH

Phenario: David, are you a mentor to anybody to take over the case you ever get tired of doing it?

DG: Cool.

Reidfarmer: blew me away

Capthubie: You know I had heard it on there but thought they stopped I`ll have to check it out

TennJed228: Just since I got it I have had many people ask to trade 10-27-79

SugarMg27: Dave, how many sponsers does it take to get GDH on the air?

DG: Interesting question, Phenario. I am not mentoring anyone...

GG: you'll have to pry David's cold dead fingers off the GDH I think!

DG: But I'm not planning to retire any time soon, either!

TennJed228: Did you put We Can Run, or Easy to Love You

SugarMg27: sponsors

EMoore9121: Just checked 3/5/72 looks like it was a fun show

Phenario: can I volunteer??

DG: I can't anser tthat here SugarMag. Email me -

Media69: Who is at the helm of the archives since Dick Latvala passed on?

DG: John Cutler is still in charge of the archive.

Phenario: good...we don't want to see you go

CosmicKC: Cutler

DG: I don't really have a place for you, Phenario. VERY small operation here.

Media69: Any hints on what the next one will be?

DG: No idea. Everything is on hold til this boxed set is done.

Media69: how come they dont release more Dicks Picks frequently

GG: he could camp out on your lawn, eh? ;-)

DG: I think Dick left a lot of suggestions...

Reidfarmer: not even an era?

GrateMGL: hey Dave at at least you produce it every week ~ Cutler sits on a goldmine ~

DG: There wa s plan to increase the DP rfreqwuency to 4/year, I think, but...

GG: I think they release DP pretty frequently as it is

Jackolyte5: Do you think that a Dead Disc of the month club would work or is that to much?

DG: I think that would be fun, but I don't run the zoo :^)

GrateMGL: i think thats a grate idea

Media69: They should put out more Sweeny, lots of shows i would like to get on CD

GrateMGL: turn all of that good stuff over ~

Reidfarmer: almost too fast for me:-)

GG: I'd like to see another release like "Dozin'" which I know rubs some the wrong way

DG: Three or four a year is cvool, as long as they also put out videos, other vault releases, maybe some more comp

Reidfarmer: still trying to digest side trips vol 1

Jackolyte5: I thought that was good. Kind of the highlights of a run.

SugarMg27: Dave, I love the books you've written...any plans for more writing any time soon?

DG: - uh, compilations.

CosmicKC: Phil talked about making every recording avaliable. You think that is possible if they ever open Terrapin?

GG: I think we want the quality to remain high, right?

GrateMGL: well if i hear another cd out there with Walkin Blues ~ lol

Media69: i agree Sweeney, that was a great release i thought

TennJed228: Us Brentheads need shows too!

DrPoopP: BRENT!!!!!!

GrateMGL: Well just as long as the quality is passable

Media69: the box set is a compilation though

DG: No more writing for me any time soon. I'm concentrating on my guitar playing and songwriting.

Sjerbobphl: brent was great!

Mw3323: right on tenn

OceanDead7: As with anything high as possible!

Luckyben7: brent was my favorite era

Luckyben7: than pig

Mw3323: mine too

BrtWood: ditto!!!

DG: I would like to see more '80s and '90s releases, too, but again : I dont' run the zoo.

DrPoopP: mine too!

Media69: David how is the Rock radio situation in SF, i am sure you are aware of the WNEW situationin NY

Sjerbobphl: count me in 85 was the year

GrateMGL: THe zoo ~ thats a good word for it ~

DG: I pay no attention to commerical radio in the bay area.

GG: care to entertain a Phil and Friends Question Dave?

TennJed228: 79 and 80 were good but then there 89' hmmmmmm

Reidfarmer: what kind of an animal are you?

DG: Ask it, Sweeney -- buyt I know next to nothing about P&F.

GG: I think Jorma steals the show on the released CD

Capthubie: I always thought that Warlocks show in hampton with the Dark star was the best and sickest of them all

Media69: I thought you were a DJ at one of the top outlets?

DrPoopP: Dave were you at the Greek shows and if so what did you think of the Tons of Steel?!?

TennJed228: Do you like Brent?

DG: I haven't heard it!

OceanDead7: I would like to see early 80`s 10-16-81 especially

GG: just being a critic

BrtWood: No shit!! ventura rocked!!!

DG: I have not seen a Phil and Friends show.

OceanDead7: and anything from 66-71

Media69: No Tons of Steel on CD please

DrPoopP: oh, dude...

Sjerbobphl: which shakedown is on new boxed set?

GG: hmmm...

DG: Do *I* like Brent? HAIL YES!

Iko8369: 1977 on

EMoore9121: Jorma kicks ass on that CD Sweeney

Mw3323: spring 87' rocked

Media69: I wouldnt see a Phil and Friends show, i hate Phils vocals

OceanDead7: lol david

DG: The boxed set has stuff from every era.

Phenario: any inside news on the Terrapin *theme* park?

TennJed228: Favorite Tune?

CosmicKC: Next GDH should be a Phil and Friends show???

GG: Jorma sings just fine

DrPoopP: hate...?!? dude....

GrateMGL: Phils Mtns of the Moon is unreal

Jackolyte5: I just got the 4/17/82 one from Hartford and that Shakedown Rocks.

Luckyben7: how can anyone hate phil vocals......WE WANT PHIL

StickDog13: dont hate Phil's vocals

GrateMGL: shivers

DG: I have not bneen given and Phil and Friends tapes for the radio.

Sjerbobphl: how about a tidbit or morsel dave shhhhh we wont tell

Iko8369: is there a shakedown on the box set?

Luckyben7: phil is da man

Mw3323: 4/17/82 rocks

Media69: I like his vocals on the recorded Box of Rain, not much else

GrateMGL: love phils voice ~ Tom Thumb's Blues?

DG: yes, there is an EXCELLENT shakedown.

GG: I hate my vocals; pretty brave of Phil to stand out like that

GrateMGL: grate rendering of Dylans

DG: 4/17/82 is a great show!

Sjerbobphl: shakedown is on and is subjet of much speculation

GrateMGL: holy grails

Luckyben7: the last box of rain was my fave

StickDog13: Phil's vocals were solid in santa barbara

Mw3323: is there a sugaree ?

Jackolyte5: Is there any Dead doing Dylan on the box set?

TennJed228: 4/12/82 is my Birthday thats a decent show just not the best quality

DrPoopP: the Wheel > Terrapin Phil did at the Greek was just epic!

DG: No Suigaree. We had one in there, but it fell out. TOO MANY GREAT CUTS!

Sjerbobphl: enuf said david thanx!!!!!!

Media69: David is there a Pigpen Hard to Handle on the box?

BrtWood: Phil's an original!!!

CosmicKC: Ever play an audience recording on the dead hour?? Except other ones 6-4-98

TennJed228: Phil is awesome too

DG: We avoided stuff that is very well-represented on other sets, e.g. Hard to Handle --

Mw3323: david ever heard 3/14/81 hartford ?

OceanDead7: 9-6-80

Media69: is the box set a full 79 minutes of music on each cd?

DG: I played the Hollywood Bowl '784 Chiona->Rider AUD on the air recently.

DrPoopP: anyone heard a tape of Phil breaking out Pride of Cucamonga?! lol check it out

BarrettRd: Anything from 1995 summer tour?

Reidfarmer: he was a friend of mine?

EMoore9121: 12/27/91

SugarMg27: 3-27-88...Scarlet is smokin

Luckyben7: any greek on the boxed set???

Hiking34: lewiston and rochester 80

OceanDead7: hey derek = )

DG: Audience tapes can be mushy on the air, so I tend to avoid them.

BrothaEsau: Hi rob

DG: Escpecially when there are so many gfreat board tapes.

BrtWood: all the boyz are grate!!

Media69: Chryssy Hynde is on with Cheryl Crow now

DG: The discs vary in total time =- 78 minutes or so is average, I think.

GrateMGL: i know

CosmicKC: I fiqured that audience tapes might suffer on the air

Iko8369: will there ever come a day that you have played everything?

OceanDead7: what about 9-6-80? supposedly no "known" sbd?

GrateMGL: where you at Media?

BarrettRd: you remember Binghampton, 1978?

BrothaEsau: David! is there a lot of studio work on this new box set?

Sjerbobphl: whats your fav china rider dave?

DG: Ever run out of live Dead? Not likely!

Media69: NYC

Imadedhed2: the Dead Hr makes a great end to our weekend on Sunday nights here in New Orleans; we're glad you're back on d

DG: There are some studio outtakes and rehearsals on the box.

GrateMGL: cool me too

BrothaEsau: cool! cant wait to hear

Media69: Any rare covers tunes David?

Mw3323: i prefer auds. i think they sound more real

DG: My fave China Rider is Hollywood Bowl '74!

GrateMGL: Any cool Stage Chatter on the CDs?

DG: A little stage chatter. And some studio chatter :^)

Sjerbobphl: now theres a smoker!

Reidfarmer: any yellow dog stories?

OceanDead7: lol

Luckyben7: i think mack the knife would be a good dead rarity???

Boxofphil: what bout that china>crazy.rider from laguna seca

GrateMGL: giddy up

GG: 74 was good. You think it was better than Santa Barbara 74!

BrothaEsau: LOL yellow dog

Mw3323: is raven space on there ?

CosmicKC: So the box set may have some unreleased new dead tunes that we never did get on album??

DG: Please be sure to tell the radio station and the sponsors how you feel about the GD Hour!

DG: Yes, Cosmic!

Media69: When will the full track listing be announced?

Sjerbobphl: 74 had many great china riders

OceanDead7: I`m wondering when that Shakedown is from

CosmicKC: COOL

DrPoopP: that China>Crazy>Rider is great!!!

Imadedhed2: we do!

Magilla499: have you ever seen a band called stir fried with buddy cage? I think they are really good live.

Boxofphil: sure is

Media69: I think all of the 90's tunes are on it like LIberty and Lazy River

TennJed228: SO MANY ROADS: Case in point

DG: That laguna Seca 7/29/88 is a killer all the way!

Sjerbobphl: reread ocean its between the lines

DG: I am opening for Stir Fried in NJ this FRIDAY!

Luckyben7: daVID, dO U have a particular favorite dead cover????

Imadedhed2: where's those '70 New Orleans tapes?

Boxofphil: i was there awesome playin too

Jackolyte5: How do you think Bobs vocals compared to Jerrys are on Shakedown St.?

StickDog13: i have to drive 2 hours to hear the GD hr

GG: if BMG publishes a sell sheet with the track listings, I'll post it whenever

DG: I don;'ty know when the full track listing will leak out, Media.

DWare56193: how about playing a hard to find show like 12/12/81 ?

StickDog13: ;((

Sjerbobphl: wish i could be there dave

DG: You do, Sticvk Dog? Where do you live?

Media69: David, how about rare cover tunes??

GG: but it may not happen that way

DG: I don't have the list in front of me, Media.

TennJed228: I second that emotion

DG: We couldn't do all the cool things we wanted to do.

Magilla499: i saw stir fried with toni brown last weekend, stir fried is smoking. i know vince.

StickDog13: Apple Valley,ca....youve been here ;))

GnM Roscoe: could you do any tunes with hornsby involved

GrateMGL: were you limited at all by the band?

BarrettRd: David, why won't a local radio station pick up the GDH here in Los Angeles?

DG: Yes, there is Hornsby stuff on the box.

Mw3323: stir it up jam

Boxofphil: gentleman start your engines wooooohooooo!!!!!1

DG: We have been trying in LA Barrett.

OldPotatoCaboose: Santa Barbara should come here

DG: No Stir It Up jam.

CosmicKC: Well I haven't seen it asked. Favorite Ice Cream??

JDvonW: Hi Dave. How 'bout GD Hour in D.C.--long time overdue???

DG: I'd love to play Santa Barbnara - great town!

DG: I have friends there...

Media69: Where is the Scarlet Fire recorded from on the box?

Luckyben7: AnY CONSTANTEN on the boxed set???

OldPotatoCaboose: wed love to have you :0)

Mw3323: is foolish heart on there ?

GrateMGL: did the band trust you all enought to give you almost free reign?

Reidfarmer: unnerstand its an Arista release, any plans for more Phil Zones?

GG: thank you cosmic

BrtWood: I second that!!.

DG: We have been trying in DC for years... no luck!

GnM Roscoe: speeking of hornsby,what did you think of hornsby's china cat sampling

StickDog13: We need theGD hr on KPFK !!

Boxofphil: you play up at tahoe at all david?

DG: The band gave us free rein! We listened to TONS of stuff!

GG: David, I apologize for not asking sooner...favorite ice cream/ (GDF traditional question!)

DG: It was hard to narrow it down to five discs, I tell you.

Media69: Keith Richards is on now with Cheryl Crow

Imadedhed2: where can we find out more about the box set without asking you the same questions?

DrPoopP: i want to hear a compilation of all of the freakiest Donna wails ...

DG: I liked that China Cat sample on the Hornsby disc.

DG: KPFA has a great GD show already!

Sjerbobphl: dave your a lucky man can i apply for next boxed set?

Luckyben7: keith richards is 97 years old

GG: I will publish box set info here as it becomes available

StickDog13: yes, but i want MORE

DG: I have played Tahoe in the past - no gigs booked there now. Do you have a venue in mind?

BrtWood: now now

Media69: He is singing 'Happy'

Sjerbobphl: will work cheap!!!!!!!!

GrateMGL: well guys take it easy ~~~ Dave Geoff shake it easy ~ Good Luck on the Right Coast

DG: Good night,GrateMGL!

Mw3323: thanks for taking the time to answer my questions

Boxofphil: everyone plays at elevations in tahoe city dave

Imadedhed2: how about commin' down to New Orleans, Dave?

CosmicKC: Favorite Ice Cream??

DG: Sjerbobphil, I don't get to decide who works on these things. They asked me and I sdaid yes!

DG: I hope they ask me again...

GG: c'mon Dave...what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Iko8369: what show is the scarlet fire from????

DG: I have no favorite ice cream - I'm on a perpetual diet!

GnM Roscoe: what about the taper companion series? any thoughts.

DG: I'm not going to tell you, Iko8369 :^)

GG: what was it when you weren't on a diet!?

Sjerbobphl: if ya ever need assistance dial me up!

Capthubie: Wavygravy

DG: I am reading Compendium vol, 2 right now.

OceanDead7: ouch not eating ice cream is no way to live

OceanDead7: hehehehe

OceanDead7: = )

DG: I really like the stories in the front of the book - interview with Betty Cantor,

Luckyben7: DAVID, do you have a particular favorite GD cover????

Jackolyte5: Is the dates and venues of the shows going to be listed in the linear notes?

DG: adn the history of taping (which I'm in the middle of right now) is excellent.

CosmicKC: You could have said Chery Garcia!

ChinaDolll: Hi david

DG: No, LuckyBen. No particular fave. If it's played well, I lioke it!

Luckyben7: same here

Sjerbobphl: david what do ya think of ratdog?

DG: I don;'t know, Jackolyte. The dcateswill be listed, for sure.

DG: I hav eno opinion of Ratdog - haven't sseen 'em in years.

JDvonW: Have you heard anything about Phil showing up at Shoreline with Phish?

TennJed228: Bye

DG: Hi China Dolll!

DG: I don't know what Phil is planning.

JDvonW: What do you think of Phish?

ChinaDolll: planing to play/tour with vince, that KPFA session was fantastic

GnM Roscoe: what is betty up to these days?

BarrettRd: David...Do you think the Egypt tapes will ever be out?

Iko8369: how about a cd with all jerry ballads

DG: I would love to play more with Vince. If he asks me, I'm there.

Imadedhed2: where's the New Orleans '70 stuff?DG: I don't know what Betty is doing. I don't know her.

Sjerbobphl: have you heard any thing re new years 99/00? any hope?

Capthubie: if you are near Rochester ny book at the Water st Music hall

Mw3323: do you like phish ?

DG: I don't knw about Egypt tapes. I think -eople inside think they're subpar

DG: I like Phish!

CosmicKC: Compendium vol. 2?? Is it out yet??

Media69: David, why dont they put out more Jerry Garcia Band releases??

StickDog13: did anyone see Vince last weekend at desert jam??

GG: there are no NYE plans at the moment; I just asked McNally a few days ago

DG: You'd have to ask Mrs. Garcia about the JG stuff. I don't know.

frreemind: compendium vol 2 is out

Media69: She owns the rights to it?

DG: Compendium vol 2 is out, yes.

DrPoopP: the Squaw Valley Grisman/Garcia and JGB sets should be put out ASAP!

Sjerbobphl: sjer needs new years!!!

JDvonW: Mrs. Garcia can get bent...

DG: Mrts G. is in charge of the Garcia tapes, yes.

Boxofphil: wow i didnt know that

GG: We will Compendium 2 here soon as well

GnM Roscoe: what about healy and any thoughts on what happened with him?

Boxofphil: bummer

OceanDead7: Cap send info to

Luckyben7: DAVID, did u ever listen to BOBBY playing with HAnSON???

Media69: yes, why did Healy depart around 93?

DG: I don't know the Healy story.

Capthubie: Thanks Lucky

BarrettRd: you ever listen to the Ithaca 1977 shows in your free time?

DG: I never did listen to that Hanson stuff...

Sjerbobphl: ive heard about 100 versions

DG: Ithata '77?

OldPotatoCaboose: me niether.

StickDog13: i know, i missed the was the BEST MMF show ever!

Luckyben7: it wasnt too bad

Boxofphil: 5-8-77

ChinaDolll: yes the egypt stuff is subpar, butif you all missed out on the gans/welnick tree let me know, it is a must

OceanDead7: overrated

DrPoopP: boy what i read in the Mercury News about Healy's departure was some serious dirty laundry!

BarrettRd: Cornell?

Sjerbobphl: give us the poop poop LOL

SLath1127: Has enough time past to DH more '95 stuff ?

Boxofphil: barton hall i think he talkin bout dave

DG: Oh, 5/8/77. An excellent show, for sure.

JDvonW: Any word on who's going to oversee the Vault?

GR8FULDREW: you need to come to a station along the jersey shore

DrPoopP: has bob claimed temporary insanity for having played with Hanson?

OceanDead7: i think 5-7 and 5-9 were better

GnM Roscoe: what about fall '91? according to phil the last great tour.

DG: I don't know what will happen withthe vault. People over there are VERY territortial.

OceanDead7: especially 5-9

Capthubie: Bye Dave and GG

Luckyben7: bob just wanted to try new stuff

Sjerbobphl: any word on dix pix continuing? as davids picks?


Mw3323: 5/7 was great

DG: And it's not really any of my business. I just wantto do my job.

Boxofphil: yeah that war memorial is sweet rob

OceanDead7: hey wayne didnt notice ya!

GG: bye capt

JDvonW: Too bad--it's like a people's archive, imo

DG: I think they will continue to put out DPs.

SugarMg27: ((((((((Dave)))))))) gotta run, love yer stuff, see you in FL

Boxofphil: hello friend

OceanDead7: w/b derek

DG: See you soon, SugarMag!

Nedmd: David: Perhaps you've already said, but what about this "Boxed Set?"

DG: I've said LOTS!

GG: stay dry on the East Coast people near Floyd!

OldPotatoCaboose: LOTS.

Imadedhed2: 10/11/77 Norman, OK is great!

Mw3323: are there gonna continue the vault series ?

DG: It's 5 CDs, mostlyu live with some stuidio outtakes and rehearsals.

OceanDead7: you rock geoff = )

SLath1127: 10/11/77 !!!!!!!

DG: I am certain there will be more vault releases.

Sjerbobphl: david ever hear 12/28/83 some of the raunchiest

Reidfarmer: I hear tell that Dick wanted to be assured that the tapes were being taken care of. . . are they?!

GR8FULDREW: south jersey needs to find a home for the deadhead hour

Nedmd: I love it! Thanks for all your efforts!

DG: The tapes are safe!

Reidfarmer: yay!!!

OceanDead7: 10-2-77 is good as well

Hiking34: heard you guys had a lightning show enjoy it?

Sjerbobphl: weir i ever heard especially set 1

GG: David, let's plug your tour for a minute, ok?

Boxofphil: when is the release nov.8 on the box set dave

OldPotatoCaboose: in da' vault.

DG: I think you'll be happy with the box, Ned.

GG: for the latecomers

Jackolyte5: David, what is your fave era of the DEAD? Personally I like the late 70's to 80's

JDvonW: I heard the next one up was 4-7-91 or 4-1-91??

DG: Big ligthning here last week - a rare thing!

DrPoopP: that lightening was AWESOME!!!

ChinaDolll: jdvon, where did you hear that from?

BrtWood: any thoughts about a playing in the band 2 book?

DG: I am partial to 1974, but I have heard tons of great music from every era.

GG: BIG lightning for us wimpy western weather people

JDvonW: A friend of Dick's

Jackolyte5: Speaking of Lightning is there a Lazy Lightning on the disc?

DG: I have no plans to write another book. I've said enough :^)

Imadedhed2: where's the New Orleans '70 tapes?

Sjerbobphl: btw dave screw the idiots givin ya crap about price

DG: No Lazy Lightniong. My choice would have been 6/7/77, but there awasn't room.

Hiking34: he he thats our light show here

OceanDead7: yes!!!!

Luckyben7: DAVID, have you ever heard BOBBY'S BRICK joke from 69 nys pavillion?????

Jackolyte5: Dang. :(

Hexfest: David we're all looking foward to jamming at Hexfest!

OceanDead7: 6-7 is great ....that winterland run is amazing

DG: I heard that brick joke with I was SIX YEARS OLD! :^)

OceanDead7: 6-9 set 2~!

DG: gHexfvest! Pray for clear skies!!

BrtWood: :(

Reidfarmer: was it funny then?

WStr8Dead: Hey Dave can ya pull out some of that jug stuff

BrothaEsau: where is hexfest?

DG: The jug stuff is out on CD. HTat's all ther eis, I think.

BarrettRd: David....has the GDH ever played anything from the Jan 1979 Nassau Coliseum shows?

CosmicKC: Why do doctors spank new born babys??

BrothaEsau: where can i get info?

DG: Hexfvest is in Barto PA!

Luckyben7: BUT BOB went about it pretty cool, dont ya think?

BrothaEsau: anywhere near Harrisburg,Pa?

GG: if anyone wants to volunteer to untangle tonight's log, email me and I'll send it to you

OceanDead7: who else is playin at Hexfest Dave?

Hiking34: put up a biiiig shed

DG: I don't know, brotha - maybe HexFest knows?

CosmicKC: To knock the nuts off the dumb ones!!

BrothaEsau: Ok

OceanDead7: right on

Hexfest: I'll email you all info

DG: That,s TERRIBLE, Cosmic!

BrtWood: bye Dave & 99

BrothaEsau: thanks Hex

Luckyben7: it was a BRICK

BrothaEsau: =)

OceanDead7: kewl thanks

CosmicKC: Great joke! My wife loves it!

Imadedhed2: is there any New Orleans '70 stuff out there?

DrPoopP: bob should have been a comedian

DG: You can find a link to Hexfvest on my gigs pagfe at

Sjerbobphl: dave what was your fav show attended

Luckyben7: DAVID the BOB pistachio thing is pretty cool on your page

DG: I don't know. I had such a good time at all of 'em.

GG: there's a hexfest link here in the GDF on the Announce page

DG: I love that pistachio line!

Boxofphil: hey thanks david peace from nevada

WStr8Dead: Hey dave I can't pick up your show and it sucks

Luckyben7: that rocks

Sjerbobphl: ever play 11-1-85 richmond on gdh i musta missed it

Jackolyte5: Is there any Beatles or Dylan covers on the discs?

DG: Where are you, WStr8?

Reidfarmer: his show does not suck!!

WStr8Dead: columbus ga

RippleJS: Hey Dave,are you going to have any input on the new Dicks Picks?

DG: is there a station in the area? Email me...

ChinaDolll: any hopes of the 10inch reels of academy of music 72 being deadhoured?

Luckyben7: any dylan covers?

WStr8Dead: Right on

DG: I don't know, Riupple. Cutler has never been too interested in my opinion.

Luckyben7: on the boxed set

DG: You send me the taapes, ChinaDolll, I'll put 'em on the air!

Imadedhed2: I live an hour from New Orleans & barely pick up the show

ChinaDolll: lol

OldPotatoCaboose: David> If you had to narrow it down to 2 shows which would be you favorite all timers?

WStr8Dead: Atlanta is the closest dude and i just put a stress on my antenna tryin

OceanDead7: wstr8dead go to for info how to get the gdh on air in your area

DG: I have no desire to choose two favoreites, etc.

StickDog13: no GDH in LA? that sucks!

Imadedhed2: so, I have this big long wire I pull out every sun. night to get better reception

DG: Thank you, OceanDead!

Luckyben7: DAVID have you ever heard mack the knife from 11/81

Jackolyte5: Hey

OceanDead7: quite welcome = )

DG: No, LuckyBen

Jackolyte5: Hey Stick it is the same for us here in Detroit.

GR8FULDREW: none in so.jersey either

DG: The GDH is on in Northridge, on KCSN - but that doesn't get down into LA, I guess.

ChinaDolll: the mac from ohio 81 is weak at best

Luckyben7: really, it was done in dayton only once!

DrPoopP: Detroit 88 was a hoot

Jackolyte5: Or Berkley East Ann Arbor.

GG: I think Dave's being a good sport here; how ya doin' Dave? Hang much longer?

OldPotatoCaboose: how about the most memorable then? :0)

Sjerbobphl: the mac is horrible!

Luckyben7: its interesting though

DG: I smell dinner, but I'm still keepin' up... :^)

ChinaDolll: however there is a new FOB of that out

GG: just tell us when

StickDog13: KCSN doesnt get up either

GR8FULDREW: new years 88-89 was a blast

GG: let's ask questions he hasn't answered twice, ok?

DrPoopP: hey Grandpa whats for supper?!?!

ChinaDolll: yeah thanks alot for everything dave

XJAKSTRAWX: david...have u ever played kansas city from 1985 after they won the series?

Sjerbobphl: 11-29-81 is a winner pittsburgh any chance gdh?

XJAKSTRAWX: the song kc

Luckyben7: DAVID are tapes not in circulation archived at all?????

StickDog13: hey Dave what's for dinner??

Imadedhed2: is there any New Orleans '70 stuff out there?

BrothaEsau: david! what was yer 1st show u ever attended?

DG: I don;t understand the question, LuckyBen

DG: my first show was 3/5/72

Jackolyte5: How huge of a room is the vault?

CosmicKC: Has it been hard for you to get material for the GDH from the Dead powers that be??

JKimball18: 6-9-76 on the dead hour?

DG: I think I played some KC '85 once.

ChinaDolll: i love these questions

Hexfest: We're harry to have David performing under moonlit skies this Saturday!

Sjerbobphl: hey dave your old! LOL

DG: The vault isn't that big - just a square mile or so :^)

OceanDead7: oh my

Jackolyte5: LOL

XJAKSTRAWX: the song "kansas city" after KC won the series

Reidfarmer: how the hell do you put up with us?

OceanDead7: heaven

DG: It has been hard at times, Cosmic, but it got better about a year ago.

OceanDead7: if there was such a thing

Luckyben7: Shows that are not in circulation, do they exist at all such as in the vault?

Nedmd: David: What's on your cd player right now? I've got Bruce Cockburn on now.

DG: We'll see what happens in the post-Dick era. I think I'll beokay, though.

OceanDead7: you ever run around in there alone?

DG: My CD player has, uh, NOTHING.

Reidfarmer: nekkid?

Mw3323: whats up w/ terrapin st. when is gonna open ?

OldPotatoCaboose: tape player?

GG: I'm listening to Phil and Friends

JDvonW: Ever consider airing good qual audience tapes of shows that aren't in sbd circulation?

CosmicKC: Do you think it might get harder now that Dick has passed or did he have nothing to do with that??

DG: I don't often fgo in the vault. Duick usually made tapes for me and sent 'em over.

OceanDead7: i knew youd understand reid

OldPotatoCaboose: which show david.....8/22?

Sjerbobphl: dick was the man

DrPoopP: Dave what do you think of Britteny Spears?

JDvonW: which P&

DG: Dick had EVERYTHING to dow ith it. We'll see how the politics play out.

DG: I have no popinion of Britney Spears.

Phenario: do you write your own lyrics?

JDvonW: Politics suck

OceanDead7: tell me where to vote bro

Jackolyte5: Of all the shows that were played from say 70 on what percentage are in the vault?

DrPoopP: lol

DG: There are lots of shows in the vault that aren't in circulation.

Hexfest: Do you run your guitar direct and/or miked?

DWare56193: look in the vault for 12/12/81 cant find tapes

GG: Dick was unique, an open person in an organization that can be quite, uh, unopen! ;-)

CosmicKC: That's what my selfishness has been telling me! It might get harder to get what we want!

DG: I hav eno idea what the percentgae is. There are gaps in the early '70s, but from

XJAKSTRAWX: david...what about shows with special that harder due 2 contractual agreements?

AlohaMRJ: Do you like Richard Thompson? How bout Israel Kamakawioole?

JKimball18: 6-9-76 on the dead hour?

GR8FULDREW: when did you start the deadhead hour?

DG: eartly '80s on I think everything is represented.

Imadedhed2: how about New Orleans '70?

OceanDead7: what of those are represented on the new box set?

Mw3323: why are they holdin out on the tapes ?

JDvonW: How about 1-10-79, my first??

DG: I love Richard Thompsin, and I really liked what little I've heard of Israel K.

Luckyben7: DAVD,is EVERY GD show in the VAULT????

OceanDead7: the *un*circulated dates

GG: didn't M Dung used to be involved in GDH?

RippleJS: I don't know if anyone asked,but what is your favorite concert?

DG: I have a special guitar that is designed dfor stage work. I have to plug it in.

OceanDead7: lol

OldPotatoCaboose: hehehe

DG: Dead hour started in 11/84. I joined in 2/18/85.

Sjerbobphl: any show from the stanley in pittsburgh for gdh luved that place3-6-81 stanl

DG: Every show is not in the vault.

DG: I have no favorite show.

Hexfest: with Rick Turner/ Highlander pickup?

DG: Yes, M Dung was the first host of the Deadhead Hour.

Sjerbobphl: or uptown another great venue

Luckyben7: whats up w/the broken angels?

DG: Also a guy named Richard Raffel, an MD from berkeley.

GG: heard from him lately?


BrothaEsau: hey dave what do u think of the Hershey,PA dead show 6-28-85!

Mw3323: will they eventually put everything in circulation ?

GR8FULDREW: did the dead hour start on KFOG?

Sjerbobphl: good question brotha

DG: I hear from M once in s awhile. He';s oin the air in San Jose.

DrPoopP: Dave are you familiar with KZSC's (UC Santa Cruz) 'Night of the Live Dead'?

DG: Yes the Dead Hour started on KFOG.

ChinaDolll: the uptwon 78 shows were just added to the vault, BTW

BrothaEsau: =) thanks scott

Luckyben7: DAVID. how many tapes are in your collection???

WStr8Dead: Hey dave ya think theres goin to be a new years show?

DG: The Broken Angels are no more. I hav ebeen working as a solo for the last year or so.

DG: I don't knwowhat's up for New Year's Eve.

Bjwbvglens: David, has Hunter prepared anything for the notes?

Hiking34: do you prefer solo?

DG: I don't know about KZSC's show, except that it's been around forever.

Mw3323: peace david

AlohaMRJ: you're invited to the beach for the big new years show!

GR8FULDREW: i would love to see a pay per-view on new years

DG: I don't think Hunter wanted to write for the boxed set. We asked him...

DG: I like playing ina band, but I also like solo.

Sjerbobphl: a round of applause for david!!!!!

OldPotatoCaboose: ././././././././.

WStr8Dead: Yeah

DG: <taking a bow>

OldPotatoCaboose: woooooo hoooooo!

OceanDead7: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{<3david<3}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Hexfest: whoopee!

BrothaEsau: lol rob

Luckyben7: DIDNT phil play w/you and the broken angels a while was that david??

JKimball18: any early acoustic on box set?

RippleJS: Yeaaaaaaaaaa DAVID

DrPoopP: i was the host for a showed me what a blast your job must be!

Jackolyte5: Yeah especially since Kiss isn't doing it now with WCW.

OceanDead7: lol

Reidfarmer: standing O

Sjerbobphl: st stephen!!!!!!

Kbl36: anyone else in the family thinking about writing any books?

StickDog13: love ya Dave...keep it up, even if i cant hear you

DG: Phil did play with the OBroken Angels, four times. It was a HUGE thrill, of course!

Hiking34: DARK STaaaaaR

DG: I don't know, Kbl.

DG: I think Steve Parish should write his memoirs!

Kbl36: lots of stories!!

Sjerbobphl: hows phils health

DrPoopP: whats up with 'Terrapin Station'?!?!

DG: We cou.;dn't do the acoustic stuff on the box. We waanted to, but there wasn't room.

Sjerbobphl: now that would be one sick book

DG: I would like to see an acoustic compilation in the future.

Hiking34: that would be THE book

JDvonW: Thank you for making an effort to air complete shows. We completists appreciate it..

Kbl36: him and sue stephens, jerrys closest

GG: I don't think it will ever be told what Parish has seen!

DG: I thiTerrapin Station is still \in the works...

Reidfarmer: echo

SLath1127: a Betty book would be cool too

GG: McNally is working on his book currently

Sjerbobphl: complete shows i agree!

BrothaEsau: Any word on the NYE 2000 show?

BrothaEsau: reuniting

BrothaEsau: ?

Hiking34: the locker room rule

DG: Betty has an interview in Tapers Compendium vol.. 2

Kbl36: for years

DG: A good itnerview, too.

DG: I don't know what's up for NYE.

BrothaEsau: ok

Luckyben7: DAVID do you have a favorite studio album? mines american beauty!

BrothaEsau: sorry if someone asked b4

Rochebear: hey

JDvonW: Will McNally's book be as forthcoming as his statements as "mouthpiece" for the Dead ;^()

DG: I like the studfdiostuiff! Blues for Allah is pretty amazing, but so are AB and Workingman's.

Sjerbobphl: LOL

DG: I have no idea, JD

Luckyben7: I AGREE

Sjerbobphl: id pay for a parish tell all

JKimball18: how bout live jerry band in the future?

GG: Wake of the Flood

Jackolyte5: What cover song do you think was given its most due?

DG: I don't have any control over that, and no info.

Kbl36: hey david any works for more garcia releases?

DG: You guys have NO IDA how weird it is in Deadland.

GG: no idea

ChinaDolll: garcia stuff is all up to his ex

DG: People are very proitective of their turf, their power, their info, etc.

Reidfarmer: BFA, WotF both excellent!!!!

XJAKSTRAWX: dg..what can u say about D Healy sound? & post healy sound

Luckyben7: can i visit deadland????

JDvonW: Any inside track on Phil's Friends with Dylan?

GG: very

Rochebear: what do you think of "Garcia:an american life"?

DG: I have no inside info on Phil and Friends. Sorry!

Sjerbobphl: i think that so friggin lame!

GG: Phil never publishes advance info on his friends

DG: I read Blair's book in manuscript. I like it a lot, but I am boased: he is a close friend.

Sjerbobphl: just like the corporate world i live in

GG: only constant seems to be Kimock

JKimball18: listening to 4-13-83 II great show

Luckyben7: DAVID any plans on coming to sYraCusE or upstate ny??

Reidfarmer: those snakes!

DG: The Healy sound qwuestion is too complicated to get into here.

JDvonW: Yes, I know it's not published, but someone must have a clue??

Kbl36: i think it was kool for blair to post the stuff that didnt make the book

XJAKSTRAWX: no prob:)

DG: I would like to tour the northeast next spring with the Merry Danksters!

Mjon6q: will dick's picks or a variation continue?

OceanDead7: im not sure what to make of it at this point

OceanDead7: wow

DG: Yeah, Blair's "cutting room floor" is excellent!

Sjerbobphl: come to philly

Kbl36: great stuff

BrothaEsau: hi lindsey

GR8FUHLDED: please come to the east coast

JDvonW: Bravo Blair!

BrothaEsau: nah come to Harrisburg

BrothaEsau: -(

BrothaEsau: =)

Peaches311: Hey now

DG: I am coming to Barto PA this Saturday. I hope to be back in Philly soon.

Sjerbobphl: pa is full o heads

GG: you guys are stragglers! ;-) there's more people in here now than ever, and hour late!

DG: I have a good friend in HBG, too...

Jackolyte5: I would kill just for the radio show to be in Detroit or Ann Arbor. :)

DG: Me, yoo, Jackolyte!

OldPotatoCaboose: bye david!!! have a great evening.. :0)

frreemind: yes 4-13-83 II is of my fave scarlet-fire's

Kbl36: wilkes barre!!

DG: Good night, OldPotato!

Hexfest: We'd like to have Merry Danksters at Spring Hexfest 2000!

JDvonW: Thanks god somebody did something to counter the Scully, Greefield hack jobs

OceanDead7: <~doylestown

Hiking34: its hard gettin on aol

Luckyben7: it was a bRiCK

BrothaEsau: wow! david, next time ya come around this way, maybe we can hang out

Mjon6q: i saw merl and friends in harrisburg 6 years ago with papa john creech

DG: I don't think greenfield's book was a hack job.

Sjerbobphl: yardley ill bet 1/2 of us in here are from pa

DG: Look me up, brotha!

Hippephunk: <--- goin to hexfest

BrothaEsau: cool cool

GG: I don't think Greenfield was that bad, but Blair's book is really good; he really loves the music and it shows

Kbl36: he did justice also with uncle bobos book

DG: Hippiephunk! See you there!

JKimball18: gonna be in mass?

JDvonW: It didn't put Jerry in a very positive light

Sjerbobphl: blair jacksons book is excellent

DG: >Uncle Bobo's book -- yes, and Greenfield also did some cool stuff--

XJAKSTRAWX: DG...what percentage of tapes aired are audiance tapes? the Other Ones debut

DG: -- for the R&R Hall of Fame. I was there a couple of weeks ago.

OceanDead7: you ever jammed with grisman david?

DG: Grenefield made some of the films they show there.

Jackolyte5: Does Bill have any input in any of the decisions or is he just swimming with the fishes?

GG: well, Jerry WAS in a weird light; people should ignore that?

Joker4153: think we could get phil to play at ashkenaz again???

DG: I hardly ever play auds, XJAK. They tend to much up on the air.

DG: I doubt it, Joker.

Kbl36: elieen and cassidy still in there cubby hole in novato?

XJAKSTRAWX: the other ones was very good

JDvonW: No, but must we drag his personal life out into the media glare?

Joker4153: oh can dream...

DG: I have no idea what Billy K's role is, JKackolyte.

Luckyben7: DAVID heres an interesting ??, have you ever seen PIGPENS GRAVE???(i hear there is like a little shrine there)

DG: Eileen and Cassidy are doing fine, I tink. Cassidy has been working on the boxed set

Sjerbobphl: thats morbid lucky

DG: administration stuff, and she is a pleasure to work with.

NYCShel: Why doesn't Bobby and Mickey play together more often since they both seem to enjoy playing together so much?

DG: I have never seen Pigpen's grave.

Kbl36: good folks

DG: I don't know, NYCSHel

JKimball18: is it coming out oct26?

Rochebear: What did you think of Dylan's remembrance of Jerry in Blair's book?

DG: Boxed set sue out 11/9

JDvonW: What's with Phil and Bob these days--seems like a bit of friction

BrothaEsau: Ok ya'll after this is over YA'LL WELCOME TO MEET BACK IN 710 =)

Luckyben7: well its a wat to pay homage, ive seen morrisons grace and they sell flowers to put there

JKimball18: thank you

DG: I don't rememeber it offhandf, but I think it's the same beautiful thing Dylan said in 8/95.

Sjerbobphl: any inside scoop on why no other ones this yr dave

Sjerbobphl: was it scher?

DG: I don't know what's up b/w Phil and Bob. Neither of them confides in me :^)

DG: I don't know aht story either, Sjerbob...

GG: I kind of get the feeling the Other Ones was a one-shot deal

GG: it smells that way now

DrPoopP: me too Geoff

DG: Thhat's how it turned out, anyway...

Sjerbobphl: thats a shame to me they were the new dead great jams

XJAKSTRAWX: snif snif

Kbl36: hey david, have u heard many wicked messengers by garcia band?

NYCShel: I have to tell you, I love the Dead head hour and always loved your enthusiasm.Keep your day job!

Luckyben7: i feel the OTHER ONES will be back

JDvonW: yeah, what with Phil tearing it up on his own...

ChinaDolll: it sure does smell bad

DG: No, Luckyben.

OceanDead7: lol

Rochebear: Dave you go to any of Phil and Friends summer sessions?

JKimball18: what do you think the 'eyes' from 10-29-77?

DG: Thank you , nycshel!

WStr8Dead: Is Dave Ellis awsome or what dude

Reidfarmer: echo NYCShel!

DG: I don't rememeber 10/29/77 offhanfd, but it was my 24th bday!

GG: punk kid

Joker4153: david, any chance you will re-air the latvala show

DG: Thank you, Reiffarmer!

Sjerbobphl: dekalb dave a classic

Joker4153: (i missed parts of it!!!)

Jackolyte5: IS that the one from Ill?

XJAKSTRAWX: DG..have u ever heard of stolen sbd's from the uptown 81? or is that rumor

DG: I don't think I'll re-air the Latvala show -- that was an awful lot of talk!

Jackolyte5: That Eyes is awesome.

Reidfarmer: yr welcome

JKimball18: how bout 2-11-70 w/allmans on gdh?

Sjerbobphl: that whole show is awesome

DG: But it's available for trade... If you join the GDH mailing list, you can fet a copy.

Joker4153: yea, an awful lot of great talk!!!

JDvonW: complete 2-11!!

Kbl36: how about the scranton pa show?

DG: I know notihng of Stolen Uptown SBDs.

Jackolyte5: Though my Good Lovin is cut on it. :(

Luckyben7: DaviD how many tapes are in YOUR own collection?

OceanDead7: Is the Shakedown on the box set 70`s 80`s or 90`s?

DG: I recall Dick saying the rest of 2/11/70 wasn't as good as the one reel that 's in circulation.

XJAKSTRAWX: well..the ones i have sound gr8t..but i didnt steal

Jackolyte5: They decided to fade out right before Bobbys rap.

Reidfarmer: have you listened to 10 29 85, Fox, Atlanta?

Kbl36: whats bob bralove up to?

DG: Trick Question, OceanDead - what else could it be?!!?

Joker4153: how do we get on the gdh list??? (i'm in the bay area)

DG: I don't know, LuckyBen. I lost count years ago.

GG: Bob has released a psychedelic Dose Hemanos DVD

JDvonW: How on earth is it that tapes like the early shows from 2-13/14-70 suddenly crop up?

OceanDead7: is it 90`s?

Sjerbobphl: dave i think ya slipped 4-17-82 on us

Luckyben7: that many?

DG: Go to and there's a link to info about the list.

GR8FULDREW: i think the 7-3-98 show should be released

DG: Bralove is doing sdound for a movie, last time I spoke with him.

GG: almost all GDH info is at keyword: gdhour

DG: We're going to do some recording together before the end of the year.

Kbl36: another great family man

Joker4153: thank you, david...

DG: The Early shows of 2/13-14/70 showed up because Dick wanted you to hear 'em!

Luckyben7: ANY possibility of a broken angels reunion???

DrPoopP: when do you think there will be another Dead party at the Fillmore those are always a good time?

JDvonW: Who's going to want us to hear stuff now???

DG: Sure, if there's a gig to play.

Reidfarmer: also very popular!

Luckyben7: excellent

ChinaDolll: those early feb shows are a gem

Jackolyte5: Is there going to be a live Touch of Gray on the box set?

DG: I hope we'll do some more tape parties. Maybe one to celebrate the boxed set?

SLath1127: Is the complete Other Ones release still going to happen

DG: No TOG, alas.

DrPoopP: that would be great :>)

Kbl36: do u see or talk with sue stephens at all?

OceanDead7: that would be great

DG: I don;'t know about the complete Otjher Ones - that might be a sore subject around now.

Sjerbobphl: in philly dave it would be packed

Rochebear: Is Furthur's cancelation just for this year or final?

DG: I haven';t seen Sue Stephens i n years.

OceanDead7: agree sjer....ill be there

DG: I don't know about the future of Furthur.

ChinaDolll: and made the kpfa 99 marathon

OceanDead7: id

Luckyben7: David how many GD shows have you attended?

JDvonW: Is there any reason why old stuff like that still sits, uncirculated, in the vault?

OceanDead7: ; )

Kbl36: old friend of mine thanks david

DG: I lost count, Lucky.

GG: I want to have the co-producers on here for a box set chat in Nov: Dave, Blair, and Steve

Luckyben7: i bet i can count mine on 2 hands

GG: sound good Dave?

DG: we had a great vault party in Philly last year.

JKimball18: is 7-28-73 in the vault

Sjerbobphl: what about all the videos? i saw cameras at many shows

GG: [putting him on the spot!]

DG: I don't know, Sjerbobphil.

XJAKSTRAWX: DG...can u get/play hornsby SBD's when he plays jerry? lotsa fun

OceanDead7: anything on the box set from 5-19-66?

OceanDead7: cpw?

DrPoopP: Dave, at one of the tape parties Parish had Jerry's Irwin with the tiger on it out showing it to people did Je

Reidfarmer: Do (did) you dance at shows?

DG: Yes, GG! The three of us have talked about doing that - probably right around the time of the rleease!

Luckyben7: David did you leave anything out about AUSTRALIA in your journal

DrPoopP: Jerry leave that to Steve?

DG: I sometimes dance at shows.

Kbl36: so many roads in the box set from soldiers last show?

DG: What do you mean, Luckyben?

SLath1127: China Cat from 10-19-73 should be on the box set

JDvonW: What's with the exclusive club of people who have unreleased vault tapes but won't circulate them?

DG: My lips are sealed, Kb.

Kbl36: ho ho

DG: I don't know if Jerry left the guitar to Steve.

Kbl36: it should be!!!

Luckyben7: oh it just seemed interesting in what i read, just wanted to know if there was anything more you can tell us

Rochebear: Is there going to be any Warner Bros. stuff on the boxed set or just Arista material?

ChinaDolll: there is a club?

NYCShel: That was a great "So many Roads" as most of them were.

DG: The politics of tapes! Big huge subject there.

DrPoopP: hmmm it was kind of weird to be checking it out

Reidfarmer: :).......

DG: Yes to Warner-era stuff. We have the whole 30 years on there.

GG: I thought Hunter said he left it to Irwin, but Doug couldn't pay the taxes

ChinaDolll: what are the dues?

DrPoopP: really!

Joker4153: speaking of....what is the guitar you play?...not recognizable to me...

Hexfest: I think Jerry's guitars were willed to their makers

DG: Australia was a GREAT experience! I can't weait to go back!!

DG: I play a Turner acoustic and a Turner electric.

Kbl36: anyone left in the bldg in san raphel? or all in novato?

JDvonW: For a band that espoused freedom and group dynamics, there seem to be a lot of politics involved!

Reidfarmer: do you have trouble releasing Beatles covers??

Joker4153: aahhh....thanks

DG: There's a link to Rick Turner at

Luckyben7: the dead couldve played the sydney opera house lol it wouldve been fun

Sjerbobphl: go question reid

DG: there is no restriction on Beatles covers, or other covers.

ChinaDolll: the politics are often mis-interprited though

Joker4153: right on....thanks..

XJAKSTRAWX: testing*jerryjam*

NYCShel: The royalties goes to Michael Jackson

Jackolyte5: Are there any Beatles covers forthcoming?

JKimball18: any brent on the box set

Sjerbobphl: do it in the road 4-7-85 was quite a show opener

JDvonW: Was there truth to the rumour that they couldn't release a portion of the Hundred Year Hall set because it con

DG: Okay, it's about time for me towander off. Dinner's almost ready!

JDvonW: tained a disney song?

GG: The front door is closed here, but you guys can stay as long as you like

GG: I'm hungry too!

DG: Disney song?

ChinaDolll: take care dave, thanks

Kbl36: how about camilla and judy from the travel agency neext to gdts

Sjerbobphl: thanks dave!

Hiking34: mis interpetid as what?

StickDog13: goodnight Dave

Joker4153: what's for dinner david?!?!?

JDvonW: something in the jam...

XJAKSTRAWX: i liked the "do it on the drums" better

DG: Anyone can record a song as long as it's beren released before, and as long

Rochebear: Mickey Hart was at Woodstock, don't you think there is a lot of irony there because of the festival's location

Phenario: Thanx David!!!!

DG: as they pay royalties.

HertzRosen: hi, tnf

GR8FULDREW: time for a beer

Reidfarmer: lack is due to Dick's choices, or lack thereof??

Hexfest: thanks Dave, talk to ya Saturday morning

DG: VBideo is a different story, but for audio, you can't porevent a cover from being recorded.

Jackolyte5: Thank you Dave, I appreciate you answerd all of my questions.

BrtWood: nite dave

DG: Chicken for dinner!

Kbl36: thanks david tell blair great job, thanks again

ChinaDolll: as a**holes hikking

Luckyben7: kfc???

Joker4153: thanks, david!...enjoy!

DWare56193: 12/12/81 - 4 songs only played one time cant find tapes !

GG: but it has to be cleared I thought; which is why the Berry song is missing from Ticket to New Years

GG: OK people

XJAKSTRAWX: the heartland in chicago more often

DG: Right, for video you need a different kind of license.

Hiking34: thanx alot dave!

GG: let's give Dave a big hand!

Reidfarmer: LATVALA! GANS!!

StickDog13: love ya Dave

XJAKSTRAWX: *applause*

DG: I LOVE the Heartland! Can't wait to play there again!

Joker4153: LATVALA!

StickDog13: HAND

HertzRosen: big hand, here

JKimball18: thank you dave

GG: any last words Dave?

JDvonW: Thanks Dave, enjoy the bird

NYCShel: Big Hand

OceanDead7: thank you very much david ....have a wonderful night brotha!

Kbl36: yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!\

Jackolyte5: *Clapping* Fo Dave

BrtWood: clap clap clap

Sjerbobphl: two hands clappin here

Phenario: thank you

XJAKSTRAWX: il b there taping..akg's in hand

GR8FULDREW: have a good dinner

DG: What was your question, Reiffarmer?

ChinaDolll: dave for president!!!

XJAKSTRAWX: thanx dave

Jackolyte5: Or hints?

JDvonW: one hand clapping here

SLath1127: :) :) :)

DrPoopP: thanks dave and geoff

OceanDead7: ::::::roundofapplauseforDavid::::::::::

Hexfest: LATVALA!

DG: I'll look for that 12/12/82...

Hippephunk: Thanks dave :) :) :) enjoy your meal

DG: Not KFC, silly! My wife is a GREAT cook!

DWare56193: THACK YOU

Kbl36: FATTY!!!!!!!!!!1

NYCShel: Keep up the Good work. And as you can see the Grateful Dead live on! It would be nice now if the musicians kn

XJAKSTRAWX: play the hard 2 find stuff.....:)

NYCShel: knew that.

Sjerbobphl: he wants 12/12/81 dave

Reidfarmer: why lack of Beatles covers in dp?

HertzRosen: he asked 12/12/81 - isn't that the Baez

GG: I'm going to pickup a burrito on the way and turf!

StickDog13: woooooohoooooooooStickDog IS the Dog

OceanDead7: lol geoff

GR8FULDREW: LESH.......LESH.......LESH........

JDvonW: Hi Tech!

ChinaDolll: 12/12/81 AHHH

Joker4153: thanks geof and david!!!!

Joker4153: bye!

JKimball18: 6-10-73 w/ allmans rocks

DG: GOod night all! Email me - - if you have more comments

DG: or questions!

CosmicKC: We all bid you goodnight!

Kbl36: PEACE

Luckyben7: THANKS DAVE

XJAKSTRAWX: should dew this more often

Hippephunk: night

DG: Okay, I will!

DG: Good night!


GG: thanks to David, thanks to y'all for coming tonight

JDvonW: thanks for your deadication, man

StickDog13: THANKYOU

HertzRosen: i think i have some of that. email if interest


GG: don't forget to buy some swag on the way out!

GG: ;-)

OceanDead7: thanks geoff usal it was a joy!

XJAKSTRAWX: thanx geoff:)

OceanDead7: hehehe

JKimball18: some of 6-10-73 hertzrosen

OceanDead7: = )

GG: he's left the building

XJAKSTRAWX: do u serve breakfast?

GG: as must I

HertzRosen: some of 12/12/81. all of 6/10/73

StickDog13: late~~~~~~~~~~

GG: turn off the lights when you leave

ChinaDolll: 12/12/81 is out already

XJAKSTRAWX: *goodni~1*

GG: mmmmm...bearclaws!

OceanDead7: ok geoff have a wonderful night !

9/14/99 7:17:58 PM Closing "Chat Log 9/14/99"