Dick Latvala GDF Chat, 10/30/98

Friday night, 10/30/98, Grace Slick's birthday, at 5PM PT, Dick Latvala came down to the GDF office for a live chat in the GDF Enhanced Conference Room. The combination of the anarchic free-for-all structure, as well as Dick's irrepressible insanity made for a wild night. I have the feeling I should be issuing some sort of disclaimer here, but, oh well, I hope you enjoy it!

--Geoff Gould

GDF Sysop

GDF Conference Room

1998 copyright AOL and the GDF

Dick Latvala: hiya

LPlaner: do any of you in the first few rows here have a match?

Geoff Gould: ok people, Melinda is here helping us type, and let's welcome Dick!

DL: lindsey it's nice your here

LPlaner: xxxooo

GG: so, I get the first question! Why is Mud Love Buddy Jam mislabeled on DP12?


DL: there are several reasons...reason #1 we do not like the terminology of mind left body indicator of this jam

GG: yes, but this is NOT that jam! The MLB Jam is on disc 3

DL: # 2 this has been explained before by Phil and John Cutler; they both were in an amusing mood one day, John suddenly said MUD LOVE BUDDY, and Phil cracked up, and we all thought Why not? And lets go to # 3 reason, …in fact well now I lost it… just a minute…the whole nature of the Grateful Dead band who made playing flawed an artform!

GG: yes, but WHY is the jam between China Cat and Rider labeled MLB Jam?

DL: It's a mistake

GG: okay

DL: i am befuddled myself

GG: he's looking for a question

LPlaner: keep hearing rumours about a multi-disc anthology that would encapulate the entire 30 year span of the Band -

DL: The rumors about a multi disk set are apparently true, and it probably will take seven C.Ds'; thats an impossible feat I know. How do you do 30 years in 7 cds?

Gr8ful201: Dick,,,what is your fav.pick

DL: Each one; I cant decide. 2 is the most magical I guess. Getting anything out is a miracle I guess.

Trueski: How does GDM feel about CDR trading??

DL: I cant speak for others, personally I don't think there's a problem

GG: if you sell it, there's the rub!

DL: even bootleg CDs, they're gonna get the best quality

LPlaner: what do you mean Geoff?

GG: I mean that people spinning CDR's is a problem if you sell them

LPlaner: gotcha

GR8PHUL: Dick, any hints on future picks?

DL: Gr8 hints.. yes there is something that you would never guess; it might be its not carved in stone I mean nailed in stone, whatever!

GG: mixed metaphors!

DL: but it might be one of the best shows in the past 30 years

Deliah Dee: DICK : I know there are a lot of 87-90's in circulation but how about something from Hampton 89?

DL: Deliah Dee you got the right city baby but the wrong year!

Jason7675: HI Dick, #12 is great, but what's up with the labeling? ie, the missing arrow after jam>us blues

DL: Jason a lot of times things aren't accurately labeled in each release but the music gets there; that's important.

Jgbwtby77: ha!!! its gonna be 3/27/88 - Hampton : i knew it

Jgbwtby77: dick, you ever saunter around that vault naked?????

DL: Jgbwtb how come you're so smart?

GR8PHUL: Please DO NOT put out the So What show, it is so not well played.

DL: Gr8ful did you just break up with your wife? You're out of your mind!

GG: Dick apparently disagrees!

DL: Next thing you'll say that Boreal Ridge was a hot show!

GR8PHUL: No I just do not think the Scarlet>Fire is that good

GG: the only thing hot about Boreal was "Hell in a Bucket!"

LPlaner: gc'mon dick What is your favorite Cal Tjader recording?

DL: Lindsey get out of here with your esoteric shit


DL: hey stu, come on give a break to all the youngsters; they just got into this

GD032191: College of William and Mary 09-11-73......Hot Show

DL: Gdo3291, 9/11/73 is a good show but we won't see it in our lifetime because 9/8/73 kills it.

GG: But seriously folks, what about discussing DP12? Dick? [editor's note: obviously a hopeless attempt by Geoff to steer the conversation!]

DL: I have a special fondness because they're legendary from 2 different venues.

GG: do you get a lot of hooey for mixing two different cities?

DL: not yet

GG: good

Jgbwtby77: hey dick, from what segment of the phil & ned is the seastones stuff from dp12?

PhilnNed: So Dick how come it took so long to put out a Seastones?????

GG: which seastones exactly is it Dick?

DL: Philnned: did anyone get bothered by the fact of the 5 minute from 28 minutes of editing? Phil encores with Eyes on cd#2 and says "see ya friday nite" No one wanted it I had to beg.

Jerrime98: Would luv to hear Hampton 89 fall shows for an upcoming Dicks picks!!!!!

DL: Jerrime Hampton 89 are multi track tapes and not my province.

GG: But do you consult on the multi-track releases?

DL: yes I try to influence those guys as much as I can. Very unsuccessfully sometimes! Englishtown they won't release; it's a multi-track.

LPlaner: what do you want for xmas?

DL: what do I want for xmas!

JkStraw39: Dick, I read that you saw most of your shows in '66.... is there a specific reason there haven't been more pre '70 shows?

DL: jack straw the reason why...we don't have many tapes from that era. You can only hear an acid tape once or twice anyway.

Jgbwtby77: dick, what about my bro mike's first show w/ killer scar/fire, 9/2/78 - giants?

DL: J77, you're right there; the greatest Scarlet>Fire ever

GG: I like the idea of releasing a hot tape (DP12) even if it's in wide circulation. Agreed?

DL: Agreed


GG: thanks Lindsay!

GR8PHUL: But Dick that invalidates your Cornell 77 argument

DL: what do you mean Cornell oh yes everyone wants it

Jgbwtby77: hey dick, u promised me that one 66 was impending - what gives??????

DL: 66 is coming J77; all good things in all good time

GR8PHUL: He said he would never release Cornell 'cause we all have it

GG: GR8PHUL, it's the other way around, it will be released IF it's hot stuff

GR8PHUL: I think cornell is so average

DL: it just so happened that may of 77 has four or five better than Cornell. I believe that. But the one that appeals to you first , all have their points; some subtle are more…

Jgbwtby77: dick, what do you think of htfd 77 and springfield 77?

DL: Hartford was my son's 1st show. Hartford may 28 and the other are not especially great from that era, there's too many.

STSTEVE: as long as everyone's throwing in their 2 cents worth: 3/1/69

DL: St Steve you got part right, but are you gonna throw in 2 28 69 and the first set from 3 1 then you will have theeeee best greatest Grateful Dead music

GG: that's quite a statement Dick!

DL: 2/28/69 you know we all forget so quickly. The closing of Winterland--the greatest night!!!

GG: Yes, Dick what about the closing of Winterland?

DL: Closing will be out before I die. It will be so great compared to the beta tapes that circulate

GR8PHUL: 12/.31/78 is not that good!!!!

DL: Gr8ful you just had to be there huh...gimme a break 12/31/81 where's your head at?

GG: lol. dish it Dick!

BrandyDoo: I agree... I would love to hear a complete show

DL: BrandyDooface I would love to geee golly we just don't do that because its against the law. I smoke pot and take acid…that's why I'm such a head.

STULAD: here's one to dig out... 8/2/74 hartford

DL: Don't you wanna hear some other years? come on!

GG: don't pull any punches Dick! ;-)

JPratt5250: dick what's your favorite ice cream

DL: Cherry Garcia [editor's note: The guest's favorite ice cream flavor has become a traditional question]

GR8PHUL: DIck is 8/6/74 full of splices in the playin' in the vault copy??

DL: but I still believe 9/74 London is a better playin' than 8/6/74. A few other 74's should come out but there's thousands from 73 more worthy.

ToldAlthea: Dick I've been looking forever for 11/17/78 uptown theatre Chicago .... does this exist????

Jgbwtby77: it is time for a complete 73

Jgbwtby77: hey dick, any consideration to jgb????? or is that someone elses ballywick

DL: 11/17 don't go there...J.ob77 it is time for about ten 73 years in a row if I had my way, and also JGB is somebody else's union.

HertzRosen: Yes, please to 73. Would love a nice set with horns to come out someday.

DL: Hertz I have to meet you no one else has said that...will you marry me?

Jason7675: I play 11-21-73 for people who've never heard the dead, they want to hear more after that!

DL: J7675 you're missing the point; the night before was 10 times better

Trueski: I would love to see Legion of Mary or a Saunders/Garcia release. Does MERL or Martin have any rights to this music?

DL: Trueski Id love to see Garcia/Saunders too; 1973 was more than a dream.

JkStraw39: Dick is a Deadhead... he Loves Hunter!

DL: Jkstraw...true

MDZamboni: dick? a deadhead?? no!

DL: Zamboni: hey doctor MD, am I a deadhead, no? are u serious?

GG: does anyone have a DP12 question?

ESOCR1: Dick, what would be the best show/CD to get for a newbie?

DL: Get 10 different shows from different eras to start

Jgbwtby77: all newbies must get 11/6/77 - binghamton

DL: J77 11/6/77 is not the show you want released you mean 11/4/77 Colgate

HertzRosen: No Goeff. But will there be a 13, or are we skipping right to 14...like in the hotels.

GG: Superstitious? I imagine DP13 would be a cool idea!

DL: 12 steps so far, like a recovery program. I never know how long till the bell rings. Sometimes it's frustration, no one will let it go.


DL: Too4u21 the great music happened in 2 different places


DL: everyone selected them. They're the most legendary from 1974. All of us are responsible. I'm not the only one.

GG: well people, I'd like to have Dick here more often, which is why a different focus is a good idea. Otherwise it's just the same free-for-all everytime!

JPratt5250: dick thanks 4 coming out here tonight

GG: Dick's not leaving; he's here for you guys!

DL: I'd be hear as often as anybody wants me here.

JERRY1760: how about 9-17-1982

DL: 9/17/82 is not in the vault unfortunately. I agree...GREAT show.

Sjerbobphl: dick why not go to deadbase for favs of fans by year

DL: Sjer give me a break! Vet VH1 analyze the dead then...you have to talk to individuals.

JeSc1116: what do you listen to when you need a break from the Dead???

GG: I like the idea of Dick turning us on to something new

HertzRosen: Dick, you ever check out the 2nd set of Jacksonville '78? Thoughts!

Jgbwtby77: jacksonville 78 is unreal. best ever one song after space set

DL: Jacksonville 4/8/78 one of the finest shows of the year, I want to release it


HertzRosen: Isn't 10/16/89 the day Adam Katz died?

DL: I dont wanna answer too many 89 questions we've been there. 10/9/89 was clearly the show from that year.

Hexfest: yeah Dk Star at Meadowlands

DL: if you want the best dark star, it happened in miami on 10/26

GG: Dick is wearing a Harpur College T-shirt!

DL: Jason anything with horns on it from 1973

Jgbwtby77: dick since hampton 88 sounds foregone conclusion, is it safe to assume oxford is not gonna happen?

DL: J77 nothing is a foregone conclusion; Oxford may happen. We're in 89 now, you wanna know! I thought you all knew that!

Jason7675: what do you think of the later shows with horns, 9-10-91, 3-29-90etc

DL: Jason I found myself liking Branford tremendously and same with Dave Ellis

Jgbwtby77: is there a strategy calling for the eventual release of a show from each yr via dp mr latvala????

DL: J77 there is no strategy, there is only experimenting, working ideas...I have no agenda.


LPlaner: god bless the flying burritos

DL: LPlaner boring bubblegum like the mamas and papas ...I didn't like them

GG: not even "Caroline No?" Pet Sounds rules!

JeSc1116: Dick- RFK 7-12-90 (i think) great DStar, great Foolish Heart

DL: 7/12/90 ya got that right great show!

LPlaner: eat me and we'll have fun fun

DL: catch a wave and spare us the details


DL: Shows I listend to lately..mostly from Madagascar

GG: Did he mean GD shows?

[Dick laughs]

DL: I'm into the unknown ...I wanna find out what no one knows about

Hexfest: when era did Jer have the best guitar tone?

GG: Garcia's 72 Roy Buchanan tone was awesome.

DL: Best white boy playin slide..Roy Rogers

ECoc568267: how about 6/10/73 with the Allmans?

DL: Ec 6/9 and 10/73 at RFK with the ABB should come out. We wanna do that. 6/10/73 yes, I found excellent 10 inch reels.

Jason7675: Hate to go back to 73:), but what about 11-14-73

DL: 11/14/73 a vote for San Diego! Yay! Nice show. But 11/17 at Pauley 11/20 at Denver, and lets not even go into October!

GD032191: What about 4/17/71...

DL: We'll get there.

GG: got any Peter Green in the vault? Jamming w/GD?

DL: Peter Green is on the 2/11/70 Dark Star Jam at the Fillmore East. 2/11 Duane shows up and they get into an incredible Spanish Jam.

GG: can you hear Peter?

DL: No I don't hear Peter. I don't know who's who, I just know the sound 2/11/70 is incredible Dark Star then fades out into…

ToldAlthea: Dick, how many shows per year can we expect?

DL: Althea honey I want four per year how about you?

GG: We'll wrap it up soon folks, make these last questions good ones! Dick will be back.


DL: Terapin is an idea that will either happen or not...we shall see.

Deliah Dee: DICK- do you have anything to do with VIDEO or is that strictly up to the band?

DL: no I have nothing to do with video Deliah honey

ECoc568267: Dick how would you like an apprentice...to carry out the trash?

DL: Nice thought 267 but I don't wanna torture anyone.

JkStraw39: I wanna ask a Phil question.... how is he REALLY?

DL: By the way I can't add anything about Phil's experience. I just don't have any info to go there.

JkStraw39: Dick, is answering anything about Phil's health off-limits?

DL: Jk Straw nothing's off limits, ask me about my sex life!

Deliah Dee: Yeah if you need an apprentice I'm here for ya hehee

DL: Deliah come to me baby I'll play you some nice music little girl.

GR8PHUL: Do u really smoke DMT all the time??

LPlaner: he smokes DMT menthols

GD032191: Dick...Do you have a personal E-mail address to keep in contact with you?

DL: I chew doublemint and smoke Kools and latvala@earthlink.net

JeSc1116: Dick -last show you heard under influence, that then let you down sober --

JeSc1116: or is opinion always the same???

DL: I dont know, nothings always the same.

GR8PHUL: Do u really smoke DMT, my friend rob puffed with you and said the bowl was laced.

DL: Gr8ful thats cuz you don't have good pot out there!

GG: jeez! Do you guys work for the National Enquirer?

DL: I believe everyone should do everything to excess

GG: Dick's getting hungry; last questions?

DL: were gonna go eat unless there's a really good pressing question. I'm a leo; I like people who adore me.

GG: All right then, let's thank Dick profusely!

DL: thanks, bye

GG: I'd like to thank him as well, and hope he'll return soon!

DL: I love you all--its all for you

GG: we bid you goodnight