Live Post-Mickey Chat w/Dennis McNally 8/31/98

After the Mickey Hart event, we picked it up in the GDF Conference Room, which holds 100 people. It was total chaos, as Dennis McNally tried to answer some general GD questions. Apparently, before I even made it into the room, someone asked about the next Dick's Picks and touring in Canada!


Geoff Gould: Dennis McNally is our guest; He will field whatever questions he can from the wild scrolling window

Dennis McNally: Dick's Picks -- #12 out in October, you'll dig it. From the 70's, can't say any more than that.


DM: Why don't we tour Canada? Have you ever tried to take 50 tons of crap across the world's longest unfortified border?

S8nt Steve: How can we get a hold of Dick's Pick's

DM: How can you get ahold of Dick's Picks? If you're in this Forum, you gotta be able to do that, I should think. Anyway, go to the store here, or call 800 CALDEAD. Of course.

Trpr T: is the other Ones CD going to be 2 or 3 discs?

DM: Other Ones CD contents? Well, I heard Mickey mixing an absolutely ripping

Ddrum14805: will the Other Ones disc be of specific show or a mix?

DM: Other Ones CD will be a collection of best tunes, not one show


DM: Bobby's ladyfriend, Tunajon, is, believe it or not, 30.

EyesMaker: Dennis , FURTHUR 99 ??? is going to happen

DM: I expect Furthur 99, with The Other Ones, but nothing official has happened -- Mickey wasn't lying, everybody's been on vacation or whatever since tour, they haven't met.

Hurtsme2: Dennis there a scheduled opening date for Terrapin?

DM: We'll keep you informed, honest, when there's real news about Terrapin. But none yet, sorry. No scheduled opening date for Terrapin, that's for sure.


DM: Billy wasn't on tour because he didn't want to tour, simple.

Pitchfrk: Hey Dennis, did the Dead actually listen to themselves? With all the tapes & Such did they collect?

DM: In the old days, the Dead did listen to tapes in a real attempt to get better. But not in later years, of course.

GG: well Dennis, what do you know about the DVD Ticket to New Years?

DM: Sorry, don't know anything about DVD Ticket to NY, or any other video plans at the moment.

EmrldQuill: Dennis, what about an album w/ so many roads, lazy river, days between, etc. from the new batch????

DM: Dear Emeraldquill: Fine idea, an album with best live versions of the songs that never made it into the studio. I advocate it about once a month at GD, and maybe someday somebody who decides things will listen to me.

Danielhart: Dennis...Mark Karan in Ratdog?

DM: Ratdog has a new guitarist, his name is Dave McNabb, a jazz guy I believe, I haven't heard him. Go to the Pignic in Laytonville next Sunday, or any of the shows over the next 10 days after that, and check him out

GG: Mark said he might go to PigNic as a camper!

DWPoppe: How's your book coming, Dennis?

DM: My book's coming fine -- working away. Hope to be done with interviews my Xmas. And then it gets hard....

UJBand09: Any plans for RatDog on east coast this fall?

DM: Yes, Ratdog on East Coast in November.

SRATZO: hey Sweeney & DMC ... thanks for the show and take care.. see you soon

GG: thanks sratzo

DoDaMan28: what are the chances for a other ones winter tour?

DM: No chance for Other Ones in winter -- Phil intends to watch his boys grow up, so he won't travel during the school year. I'm nagging him for Bay Area winter shows, but so far no luck.

G31281D: how do you explain Kerouac's loathing of hippies with his prescience in Dharma Bums? Did Kerouac ever see the early dead?

DM: By the time hippies existed, Kerouac was a very damaged and sad dude --"consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." He just couldn't cope -- all he saw was trivial stuff instead of how close to his example they really were. It doesn't help to do a quart of whiskey a day, either.

BCraigGD: what is Robert Hunter up to now???

DM: Hunter's certainly been invited to be on Furthur, and if he's not on it, it's his choice. If you want Hunter dates (I don't know any, for the moment), watch the Dead home page.

Hexfest: what was it like to be the publicist for GD - a band that needed to be depublicized?

DM: Dear Hexfest: Complicated.

Hexfest: good answer

Hot99tuna: Are certain Garcia tunes "off limits" during Other Ones shows?

DM: Yes, the band did agree that certain Garcia tunes -- specifically Dew and Days Between, just could not properly be done.


GG: Eyes, it was because of the local noise ordinances

DM: Just to comment on shows ending early. It's a Catch 22. If we started earlier, there would be people who couldn't get to the show after work. And yes, almost every shed in America has a local ordinance that you CANNOT mess with that says end by, usually, 11.

BCraigGD: any complaints from the venues?????

GG: which venues sucked?

DM: No, no complaints from venues. Which ones sucked? None really outrageously, I don't think. Some sound better than others, and of course SPAC (Saratoga Springs) is not really ideal for rock and roll logistics -- not enough space backstage -- but when the music is good (and it was) and the audiences come and are happy and act like people (and they did and were and did) -- I had a great summer.

Hexfest: Do you do the actual booking for Furthur and other related tours?

DM: No, Furthur is booked by Metropolitan Entertainment, in NJ.


DM: There is no leader of TOO.

GG: we forgot to ask Mickey his favorite ice cream flavor!

DM: Obviously Mickey likes Cherry Garcia. Doesn't everybody?

GG: what about you Dennis?

DM: Speaking of which, Geoff now owes me dessert. So I'm going to hit the road. See you at Santa Rosa 9/30 and after that, all the way to Atlanta. Keep the drums wailing!

GG: goodnight all