Telephone Interview with Bob Weir, 11/7/00

[note from Geoff: I made a few blunders during the interview, so I doubt I'll be receiving the Pulitzer Prize anytime soon. But...amidst the gaffes and the bad telephone audio, you'll hear a few interesting things Bob had to say. Not the easiest interview, he tends to stop, pitch forward, and start up again, like he had a sticky clutch, but what he does say is worth listening to. I found his answers about lyric writing, the timelessness of good music, and the heritage of the Grateful Dead (and how he carries on that tradition) to be well worth the listen. I promise to do better next time!]

Click here to listen to RealAudio interview with Bob Weir

Bob Weir and Ratdog
Evening Moods

GDF discount!

Bob Weir's first non-Grateful Dead studio album since the early 80's. 9 new songs, plus a mighty reworking of the GD's classic "Corrina."

Features tracks written by Weir with Grateful Dead lyricists Robert Hunter, John Barlow, and more.

Ratdog is:

  • Bob Weir - Vocals, guitars
  • Rob Wasserman - bass
  • Jay Lane - vocals, drums
  • Jeff Chimenti - vocals, keyboards
  • Mark Karan - vocals, guitars

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