Furthur 1999--To be or not to be?

Rumor control in a rumor-fed world

On Monday, March 29th, Billboard Magazine published a small article on it's website, which centered around the musings of Metropolitan Entertainment tour producer John Scher about the fate of a Furthur Festival in 1999. Basically, he said that they had decided it wasn't going to happen, but that an outpouring of fan emotion has caused them to reconsider, even though there seems to be not enough time to do it properly.

Another error-filled news flash from Jam TV said basically the same thing, but also added speculation from "insiders" about the creative disputes behind the decision not to tour, in addition to Phil Lesh's health concerns. It also quoted Dennis McNally as saying that he was under the impression that the tour was off, but he's now hearing that they're going to attempt to put together a smaller tour, perhaps featuring Ratdog and Planet Drum. I talked to Dennis today to clarify things, and he confirmed that there has been some talk, but that there was nothing even remotely settled.

My guess here is that they want to do something this summer, but will certainly find it difficult to pull off, given the commercial limitations. There's really nothing much official coming out of the GDP's headquarters in Novato, but we'll try and keep y'all up to date.

Geoff Gould

GDF sysop

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