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August 6th, 1999

Dick Latvala passes on at age 56

Official GDP release:

this just in from Dennis McNally:

August 6th, 1999

I met Dick Latvala in 1981, the new Dead biographer meeting the ultimate Dead Head. We both lucked into our dreams of serving the Dead cause, as historian and tape archivist.

Dick fulfilled himself, and that is as much as almost anyone can say for themselves -- he fulfilled himself, and he was loved. By his widow Carol, by his son Richie, and by many, many loving friends. By every Dead Head who ever listened to a CD and appreciated his passion. By the spirit of Pigpen and Jerry that he joins.

Dick Latvala, Grateful Dead tape archivist and Dead Head extraordinaire, died today, August 6, 1999, at his home in Petaluma, California. He was 56.

"May the four winds blow him safely home." ("Franklin's Tower," by Robert Hunter)

--Dennis McNally

We here at the GDForum will be collecting memories of Dick this weekend as well. I join Dennis and the rest of the community in saying goodbye to a kind soul.

Geoff Gould
GDF sysop
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