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December 4,1999

Official Grateful Dead Statement about "Selling the Vault" rumors

[note from Geoff: this has come to me directly from the GD. This is not a rumor.]

December 4, 1999

To The Deadheads

From the Board of Directors of Grateful Dead Productions, Inc.

Re: Ugly Rumors

There is a great deal of misinformation circulating on the Web about our business and intentions. It's time to set the record straight. Lots of tongues have been wagging. Don't believe them.

The Vault is not for sale. Not now. Not ever.

There has never been - nor will there ever be - any discussion of selling our Vault, our music, our name, our legacy. Not to Microsoft. Not to anyone. The Vault is part of our heart and soul . . . and yours. We're taking steps to preserve it for all time.

The music industry is changing. No matter what people are saying on the Web, we can't hold back and we can't stand still. We have an opportunity to take the lead as music and the Internet converge. Opportunities like this come along very, very rarely.

We have enjoyed a special relationship with all of you for the past thirty-five years. We want you to be involved in our activities as we move forward. We plan to keep you fully informed about our plans as they evolve.

Stay tuned,

Bob Weir

Bill Kreutzmann

Mickey Hart



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