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June 14th, 1999

Furthur 1999--It's Officially Off

San Francisco, CA

Dennis McNally, speaking officially for Grateful Dead Productions, and Metropolitan Entertainment, has confirmed that there will be no Furthur Festival this year.

The Furthur Festival, named after Ken Kesey's bus, featured remnants of the Grateful Dead, including last summer's successful Other Ones, and have happened every year since the death of guitarist Jerry Garcia. Bassist Phil Lesh had a liver transplant last December, and earlier attempts to put a tour together were scotched as well.

Still...there was much longing for some kind of get together, and rumors floated about some mini-Furthur after Woodstock.


"We tried our best, but it was too late. Look for us next year. We just didn't have the time," said McNally.


Geoff Gould

GDF sysop

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