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The GDForum Store is getting out of the book business, but books are still a very important part of our community identity and history. Here are some recommendations of books you need to have, available via Amazon. If you get these books through these links, you will pay the same low price everyone else does, but Amazon will also help support the GDF with each purchase as well.

Garcia : An American Life by Blair Jackson

Garcia: An American Life is the ultimate look at "a wounded warrior." Jackson, who covered the Grateful Dead for twenty-five years, has gained unique access to Garcia's family and intimate friends--from his first wife Sara to band members and band associates. In a book to be published on the fourth anniversary of Garcia's death, Jackson explores his life with sensitivity and insight. This is the ultimate tribute to the man who, Bob Dylan said, "had no equal."

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
by Tom Wolfe

"On the Bus"
"Cowboy Neil at the Wheel"
"Art is not eternal!"

This is a must-read book for deadheads. Check it out from the library, borrow a copy from a friend, or buy this book!

This will help you understand what cauldron the Grateful Dead came out of!

Catch a Fire : The Life of Bob Marley

One of our more popular books in the past year.

click here for other Marley items from GDF Store

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