Jerry Garcia Band, Somebody to Love CD-Rom

The Jerry Garcia Band - Somebody to Love

With Mr. Twidge: Art & Antics

[note from Geoff: The following text was supplied by Rotten Rotty. I think it's very difficult to describe this CD-ROM, but this is certainly a case where multimedia is a true description! In a nutshell, this disk contains a screensaver kind of thingy, along with 36 Garcia drawings in 3 different resolutions, 16 different sound effects in 8 and 16-bit resolutions, a couple of icon resources, and a 9 minute bonus audio track!]

From Rotten Rotty:

GREAT NEWS, Deadheads! This is the first Enhanced CD that utilizes HDCD technology -- sound like you've never experienced from the same creative team that brought you D2S2 - The Digital Dead Screen Saver.

"Somebody to Love" which you will hear on Track 2, is available on this limited-sale collector's CD. And now you own it! Jerry and the guys and gals never sounded better! Come to think of it, "Somebody to Love" never sounded better either.

On Track 1, you'll discover tons of unbelievably cool animation in brilliant colors. And every image that has been brought to life started out on Jerry's sketch pads, easel, or on his own computer. Check out the Screensavers, Desktop Themes, Wallpapers, Icons and Animated Cursors and watch as Jerry's drawings and paintings come to life in front of your very eyes.

This is art that you've never seen before -- just released by the Jerry Garcia Estate. So pop this disk in, Deadhead -- you'll want to see all the action immediately. If you've got Windows 95 - You can create 3 entirely different desktop environments with an amazing assortment of visual, audio and interactive features. If you have Windows 3.1 or a Macintosh you've got 36 paintings, lots of sound snippets and icons to "customize" your desktop with.

Mr. Twidge's Garden

This woodland creature hops all over your screen tending to his garden. And you can watch his garden grow and grow and grow!

What else does Mr. Twidge do?

- He fidgets! He'll scratch his head and belly, dust off his shirt, wipe his brow and sniff his armpit and do lots more!

- This guy is a gardener! He plants seeds and you'll see his plants sprout from the ground. Then you'll see him water the plants with his own special watering can. He'll also weed his garden and occasionally find a tasty plant to munch on. Mr. Twidge hammers signs into the garden telling everyone to "Keep off Grass," "No Dumping," and other warnings.

- This "Woodland Creature" is no "Litterbug" because he munches all organic matter. Now that's a loving gardener!

- And when Mr. Twidge falls asleep, you can follow him into dreamland where you'll see Herds of graceful Twidges, bounding across your screen. You'll watch fleets of flying Twidges -- sailing through the air! Or watch Mr. Twidge sink a putt to the sound of a roaring gallery. And finally, lookout for Mr. Twidge's dream girl....

The Salamander

It's a slippery, slithering amphibian who will crawl all over your desktop. Where did he go? Check it out Deadhead, the Salamander crawls UNDER the desktop too. But you'll always know where he is -- just follow his footsteps!

One Man Show

This is the much heralded artwork of Jerry Garcia. These 36 images can be floated in succession or shown randomly -- whichever you choose -- they will dazzle you. And if you aren't yet a fan of Jerry's art -- YOU WILL BE!

and much more...

System Requirements:

Macintosh: 7.0 or Above, 68040, 33MHz, 10MB of Hard Drive Space, 8MB of RAM, 640x480x256 Colors, 2X CD-ROM, 8BIT Audio

Windows: 3.x, '95 or NT, 486, 66MHz, 10MB of Hard Drive Space, 8MB of RAM, 640x480x256 Colors, 2X CD-ROM, 8BIT Audio (Sound Blaster Compatible).


Price: $19.98


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