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American Beauty DVD-Audio
release date: 10/30/01

DVD Audio Facts: Presents the original 10-song album in its entirety in 3 new Advanced Resolution mixes:

  • 6-channel (5.1) surround
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3)
  • 192k stereos.

Jerry Garcia's pedal steel guitar on "Sugar Magnolia," mixed low in the original version, is now the lead instrument. Many songs are extended by up to 45 seconds by removing the original fades. This alone makes it a "must-have" for Deadheads everywhere.

Surround sound version remixed from the original master tapes by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. The stereo mix was remastered at 192k, the highest resolution currently possible.

Includes a video interview with Mickey Hart and original Grateful Dead member Bob Weir, filmed specifically for this release.

Photo gallery contains many rare Grateful Dead photographs.

Includes lyrics to all the songs, not included on the CD version.


  • Box Of Rain
  • Friend Of The Devil
  • Sugar Magnolia
  • Operator
  • Candyman
  • Ripple
  • Brokedown Palace
  • Till The Morning Comes
  • Attics Of My Life
  • Truckin

BACKGROUND: AMERICAN BEAUTY was released by Warner Bros. in 1970 and became an instant classic of America roots rock, reaching #30 on the Top 200. It is widely regarded as one of the high points of the Grateful Dead's long career, and it continues to one of the band's best-selling albums. Following the release of WORKINGMAN'S DEAD earlier in 1970, this album continued to showcase the Dead's acoustic side and the growing confidence in their vocal abilities. AMERICAN BEAUTY also features lyricist Robert Hunter's greatest contributions. The album is full of classic Grateful Dead songs, many of which became staples of the band's famous live performances, such as "Truckin," "Sugar Magnolia," "Box of Rain," and "Ripple."

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, an expert in surround sound technology, mixed the album for DVD-Audio. During the mixing process, many vocals and instruments were uncovered that had been "buried" in the original mix, and many songs are longer than on the original album. In addition to the surround sound mix, Hart also produced a sparkling new stereo mix.

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