The GDF is pleased to carry the new Deadgrass CD!

Dead Grass, featuring Grateful Dead family member and 5 time Grammy Nominee Vassar Clements, is an eleven track offering, featuring an amazing ensemble of multi-talented artist's.

Featured players are Vassar Clements, playing fiddle. Vassar has played fiddle on the Grateful Dead Albums, "Wake Of The Flood", "Old & In The Way", and "Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel". Vassar has performed live with the Grateful Dead. The Harris brothers from Boone, North Carolina, Reggie Harris played on Vassar's album, "Vassar's Jazz" he plays rhythm, lead guitar & banjo. Ryan Harris plays bass, lead male singer & backup singer.

Gwen Vaughn is lead & backup female singer, from the local mountains of San Bernardino, Ca. Jeff White backup singer, on albums by Alison Krauss & Vince Gill. Butch Baldassari on mandolin; "When it comes to mandolin music, Butch Baldassari is the epitome of modern-day troubadour." Mandolin Magazine Robert Henley Woods, II. Doug Jernigan, pedal steel, played on Hillbilly Jazz, Bluegrass Sessions, and Hillbilly Jazz Rides again album's with Vassar Clements.

1. Brown-Eyed Woman (RealAudio)
2. Casey Jones (RealAudio)
3. Attics Of My Life
4. Brokedown Palace
5. Alabama getaway
6. Ripple
7. U.S. Blues
8. Dire wolf
9. Friend Of The Devil (RealAudio)
10. It Must Of Been The Roses
11. Mexicali Blues