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David Nelson Band

Visions Under the Moon


David Nelson Band

Visions Under the Moon

Recorded before live audiences at The Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR 9/11-13/98

Price: $15.00

 The Band: David Nelson, Barry Sless, Mookie Siegel, Bill Laymon, Arthur Steinhorn, Charlie Crane.


Track Listing:

1. Long Gone Sam
2. No Souvenirs
3. Fable of a Chosen One
4. Road to Armageddon
5. Edge of the Wire
6. Absolutely Sweet Marie
7. Snake Bit
8. Haunted Man
9. Kerouac
10. Visions Under the Moon/Penumbra


Another High Adventure With the David Nelson Band

Fasten your seat belts and hang on tight because the David Nelson Band (DNB) is about to embark on another high adventure. On April 15th, DNB and High Adventure Records will release Visions Under the Moon, the group's third independent release and its first full-length studio effort. Last September, DNB and acclaimed record producer Aaron Hurwitz took up residence at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon, for a week-long series of recording sessions that culminated in a memorable live performance. The DNB invited fans and friends to attend the preconcert recording sessions. The result captures the unique and magical synergy between band and audience by taking the best aspects of the live performances and blending them with those of a quality studio production.

Visions Under the Moon features many finely crafted songs that, over the past few years, have become the foundation of DNB's powerful live performances. The CD showcases the impressive songwriting collaborations of David Nelson and Robert Hunter, best known for his work as lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and features the debut of some of Nelson's most recent original compositions as well as songs from other members of the band. Like DNB's first two releases, Limited Edition (1995) and Keeper of the Key (1997), the new album features sterling musicianship and adventurous improvisation.

Celebrating their fifth anniversary this year, DNB has drawn critical acclaim nationwide for the depth of their songwriting skills and for the eclectic range of their stellar live improvisations. The DNB performs vital music in cynical times, proving once again the incredible power of music to not only entertain, but also transform and transcend.

Over the past several decades, Nelson has managed the seemingly impossible &endash; he has remained true to his musical vision and integrity without becoming outdated and archaic in the process. Nelson was an important figure in the musical vanguard of the influential Haight-Ashbury/San Francisco music scene of the late '60s and early '70s. With the release of Visions Under the Moon he is producing what many consider to be the best music of his long, prestigious career. Nelson's roots in the industry extend back to 1962 when he, Jerry Garcia, and Robert Hunter formed The Wildwood Boys, a precursor to the Grateful Dead. After appearing on three seminal Grateful Dead studio albums (Aoxomoxoa, Workingman's Dead, and American Beauty), he went on to co-found the New Riders of the Purple Sage (NRPS) with whom he remained until 1983. Subsequently, Nelson performed as a member of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and is featured on their 1988 album Almost Acoustic. Over the past decade, he has remained busy, appearing with various ensembles before forming the David Nelson Band in 1994.

Although Nelson's name appears on the marquee, DNB derives its strength and adventurous spirit from the collective talents of its gifted musicians. Prior to the formation of DNB, guitarist/pedal steel player Barry Sless honed his considerable skills in the San Francisco band Kingfish and also in Cowboy Jazz. Keyboard and accordion ace Mookie Siegel (also a Kingfish alumnus) is a well-known figure on the music scene and most recently was a member of Ratdog, Bob Weir's post-Grateful Dead ensemble. The DNB's solid rhythm section consists of bassist Bill Laymon (whose tours of duty have included NRPS, Jefferson Starship, Kingfish, and JGB) and the dual-drummer ensemble of Arthur Steinhorn (NRPS, Kingfish, and Cowboy Jazz) and Charlie Crane (Cowboy Jazz, The Uptown Rhythm Kings).

Aaron Hurwitz has worked with many prominent artists, but he is best known for his work with The Band. He produced the albums Jericho (1993), High on the Hog (1996), and the recently released Jubilation, which features guest appearances by Eric Clapton and John Hiatt. Hurwitz's experience in the recording industry and his ability to capture the essence of the Americana sound made him a perfect match for the David Nelson Band.