Robert Hunter, Box of Rain

It's always nice to hear the songs sung by the author of the lyrics. Different shadings and meanings can emerge. I think this is an important piece of the puzzle that is Robert Hunter.

From Ryko PR:

While there's been no lack of opportunity to hear the Grateful Dead perform songs co-written by Robert Hunter, live performances by the Dead's elusive lyricist have been more of a rarity. His 1990 solo-acoustic tour was therefore a major event, and the best of those sold-out gigs are collected on this live album. A BOX OF RAIN includes intimate, electrifying versions of such classic Dead songs as "Box of Rain," "Scarlet Begonias," "Franklin's Tower," "Ripple," and "Deal" direct from the source.

The Songs:

Box Of Rain
Scarlet Begonias
Franklin's Tower
Jack Straw
Brown-Eyed Women
Reuben & Cerise
Promontory Rider
Boys In The Barroom
Stella Blue

Price: $15.98

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