Jefferson Starship, Dragonfly

"In the Summer of '75
Whole world's gonna come alive!"

The GD Forum is proud to bring you this re-released classic from 1974. While playing a harder, more driving style of music than the Dead, The Jefferson Starship played the same venues to the same crowds. This group bears little resemblance to the top-40 band that became known later as Starship. I heartily recommend you own this CD!

Dragonfly has been digitally remastered, and features new liner notes, featuring interviews with Paul Kantner.

Of direct interest to Deadheads is the Robert Hunter/David Frieberg song "Come to Life."

The Songs:

Ride the Tiger (Kantner/Slick/Byong Yu) 5:06
Thats for Sure (Jerry Gallup/Chaquico) 4:56
Be Young You (Slick) 3:45
Caroline (Kantner/Balin) 7:27
Devils Den (Slick/Creach) 3:59
Come to Life (Freiberg/Stephen Schuster/Bob Hunter) 3:44
All Fly Away (Tom Pacheco) 5:24
Hyperdrive (Slick/Sears) 7:39

Price: $15.98

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