Moodfood by Moodswings

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Moodfood by Moodswings

In 1992, ears pricked up all across the world, when Chrissie Hynde sang "Signs, like a signal from you ...", the opening words from the Jon & Vangelis song "State of Independence." Listeners kept phoning in asking "what was that?"

What it was was a sonic masterpiece crafted in a small home studio in South London by the unheard of Moodswings. I loved the Chrissie Hynde song so much I bought the CD, ready to be disappointed if the rest of the CD was unlistenable, but feeling I'd still get my "money's worth" for that one song.

Actually, I got much more than I expected. As it turns out, the Chrissie Hynde track was just one of 3 movements in the "Spritual High" suite. Part III featured the same groove, supporting Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic, goosebump-inducing "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln memorial.

The rest of the album seamlessly wove it's way from ethereal symphonics and space music,through the Adult Contemporary sound of "Rain Song" to "Skinthieves," featuring Jeff Beck, that became the theme to Fox TV's "America's Most Wanted."

After the climax of MLK's speech, the CD ends on a totally ethereal mood.

This record will never go out of style.

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