Robert Hunter, Tales of the Great Rum Runners

This is essential material for any Deadhead. Hunter's first solo album features achingly beautiful, as well as down-to-the-bone honest songs. The music sparkles with much of the "Marin County Mafia" usual suspects: Garcia, Hart, Keith & Donna, as well as David Frieberg, Barry Melton and others.

Ryko PR:

TALES OF THE GREAT RUM RUNNERS, the first solo release by the Grateful Dead lyricist, was originally released in 1974 on the Dead's Round Records label. Highly regarded by Dead afficianados and out of print for more than a decade, it features 13 original Hunter songs, including the first recorded appearance of "It Must Have Been the Roses" a staple of the Grateful Dead's live repertoire for many years to come. Hunter, who also produced the album, obtains a loose and folksy style from the band of Bay Area all-stars who back him up. Many of the extended Dead family, including Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart and Keith & Donna Godchaux, contributed to the sessions.

The Songs:

Lady Simplicity
That Train
Dry Dusty Road
I Heard You Singing
Rum Runners
Children's Lament
Maybe She's A Bluebird
Boys In The Barroom
It Must Have Been The Roses
Arizona Lightining
Standing At Your Door
Keys To The Rain

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