Robert Hunter, Sentinel/Spoken Word CD

I feel it is important for the community to have access to these 'documents.' I don't think spoken-word poetry is everybody's cup of tea, but if you've ever had that special moment at a GD show, where the words somehow spoke to you so deeply, and you wondered how someone came up with those lyrics, maybe this is a good place to explore.

from the Ryko PR:

SENTINEL, Hunter adds another category to his description: spoken-word artist. His first spoken-word project was released by Rykodisc to coincide with the publication of SENTINEL, Hunter's collection of poems by Penguin Books. The second in Rykodisc's VOICES series, SENTINEL contains 23 pieces, including previously published poems like "The Idiot's Delight," "Full Moon Cafe," and "The New Jungle," which are featured for the first time on SENTINEL as spoken-word performances. Whether in epic pieces like "Sentinel" or shorter works like those named above, Hunter writes with liberating passion, humor and wisdom.

While Hunter's other albums feature his lyrics with musical backing -- his own guitar on A BOX OF RAIN and all-star assemblages on TIGER ROSE and TALES OF THE GREAT RUM RUNNERS -- this is the first to feature the uncut power of his voice and words.

The Tracks:

Pride Of Bone
Gingerbread Man
Idiot's Delight (excerpt)
A Red Dog's Decoration Day
Trapping A Muse
Jaaz #3
Toad In Love
Rimbaud At Twenty
Rain In A Courtyard
Way Of The Ride
Preserpie And Senti Yagoya
Like A Basket
Cocktails With Hindemith
Blue Moon Alley
The New Jungle
Full Moon Cafe
Tango Hit Palace
Exploding Diamond Blues
Rainwater Sea

Price: $15.98

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