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KODO "Mondo Head"

produced by Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart (USA), Airto Moreira (Brazil), Giovanni Hidalgo (Puerto Rico), Zakir Hussain (India), Michael Hinton (USA), Charlie Musselwhite (USA), Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Turkey), Bobi Cespedes (Cuba), Gyuto Tantric Choir (Tibet), Linda Tillery (USA), Rhonda Benin (USA), Joey Blake (USA), Nengue Hernandez (Cuba), Greg Ellis (USA), Azam Ali (Iran)

This awesome CD is more than just a bunch of guys wailing away on percussion. It's a rhythmic journey that cuts across boundaries and destroys stereotypes of what you thought "world music" was all about. I personally think a good place to start is by slipping it into your car CD player, and taking a nice ride. This is no elevator music, but vibrant beats, rhythms, and melodies from across the globe.

The "guest artists" have a much larger role than just showing up to play along. All of the tracks give composing credit to the guests artists involved


1. Berimbau Jam
2. Sange
3. Okesa Prayer
4. Wataru
5. Maracatu
6. Psychopomp
7. Daraijin
8. Oya y Ogun
9. Echo Bells
10. Kashira
11. Ektal

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