Grateful Dead: A Ticket to New Year's Eve

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Grateful Dead: A Ticket to New Year's Eve This is the first new dead concert film to be released in over 5 years. It was shot during what many fans feel is one of the bands best periods. It was originally produced for a Pay-Per-View New Year's cable event at the Oakland Coliseum, 12/31/87, and has not been available in any form since its broadcast. The outstanding soundtrack has been digitally re-mastered by John Cutler and Phil Lesh. (The audio track on this is amongst the finest heard anywhere) There is some very funny and highly entertaining non-concert footage, including Garcia as Santa Claus and Hart as Mr. Spock. A band / fan Q & A session is also included with some very funny lines delivered by the band. 
  • Price: $29.95
  • Running time is 145 minutes.
  • Publisher: Monterey Home Video

This video is also available as part of the Collector's Edition: Grateful Dead: The Concerts

DVD version features:

Visible lyrics option
Special "Dead Facts" fan quiz.

Here is a small clip , less than15 seconds, from "Hell in a Bucket." It's about 1.2MB in size however! It's Quicktime, so it will play on Mac or Windows.
Here is a longer clip, which is optimized for audio length. The video is at 4 frames/second, and the colors limited to 256. It's part of a Garcia guitar solo on "Bird Song." It's 1.85MB, so I still think you're better off saving your money for the video, unless you've got the bandwidth!
At the close, after the credits are all rolled, Mickey applies the Vulcan Grip to Santa Claus! Do these guys have a sick sense of humor or what?