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Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA 7/8/90

View from the Vault is the first in a continuing series of unearthed treasures from the tour archives, and includes the only live video performance of the hit "Touch of Grey".

Recorded live from a one-night concert at Three Rivers Stadium, these are the tapes from the master feed. What you see and hear is what the audience Experienced...
without the humidity of course!

DVD includes:
over one hour of footage
from Cardinal Stadium
in Louisville Kentucky
not Available anywhere else!

Grateful Dead:
View from the Vault DVD

Run time: 215 Minutes


Grateful Dead:
View from the Vault VHS

Run time: 153 Minutes


DVD Box Set
The Grateful Dead
Live in Concert

3 DVD's:

Ticket to New Year's
Downhill from Here
View from the Vault

Total Run Time: 510 Minutes

7 1/2 hours of exciting live concert footage with DVD Extras: "Dead" Quiz, Band Bios, Never before released (on video) songs. Bonus Concert footage. Venue Screens. Visible Lyrics option.