On November 9th, 1999, at 6PM Pacific time, David Gans, Blair Jackson, and Steve Silberman joined me to talk about the 5-CD Box Set the Grateful Dead had just released that day, "So Many Roads (1965-1995)." The event took place live in the GDF Enhanced Conference Room at AOL keyword: GDF, and the following text appears courtesy of AOL and the GDForum.

Many thanks to Tom Thornton for his help in editing what was an even more chaotic raw chat log than you see here.

Geoff Gould: we'll start in a few minutes folks

David Gans: No sign of Steve yet. We'll send a roadie out to grab him from the parking lot :^)

GG: Steve is almost in the building

Blair Jackson: Is this thing on? scrawwwwwwkk! I guess so.

DG: <tapping foot...>??

GG: 3 minutes?

BJ: Yo,yo,yo....can you see my baggy rapper's pants?

TerraComm1: Gans, do you guys have to like type, or do you all got like talk& Type software ?

DG: I actually type. Always have :^)

GG: hi Steve

GG: 2 minutes

DG: Blair Jackson is eating a lollipop VERY LOUDLY right behind me. And you know what? HE DIDN'T BRING ONE TO SHARE. I think he stole it from his kids' halloween stash.

DG: No, BLAIR is bogarting the candy! I KEEL HEEM!

BJ: We're down to stems again...

DG: Just kiddin'.

DG: Can we start the interview now?

GG: 30 seconds

GG: here Steve?

Steve Silberman: Hi Raelani!

SS: Hi Geoff!

GG: OK, let's get started

DG: Digaman!

SS: Hi David and Blair!

GG: I'd like to welcome everyone tonight

DG: Thanks for having us!

SS: hello to all my 710 pals out there

GG: We have David Gans, Blair Jackson, and Steve Silberman here to discuss the new Box Set.

BJ: Great

TomThumBlz: blair you need to put the popsicle down and type better my friend

DG: We're VERY HAPPY with the early reviews!

GG: I'd just like to tell the GDF members that ordered with us that we got most of the preorders out today, the rest tomorrow.

OceanDead7: When deciding which tracks would make up the box-set, was most of the listening done separately each one choosing certain things and then voting them in or out, or did you guys listen together (listening parties)? And if the latter, who brought the "party favors"? <eg>

DG: We did quite a bit of listening together, yes.

DG: Dick!

BJ: I've had trouble ever since I cut off the middle finger of my right hand...

SS: Blair!

GG: all the BMG warehouses are sold out, so it's a hit!

DG: It was a struggle, and obvciously we had to leave a lot out.

AugustWst7: Hey David, are we ever going to hear Equinox on the GDH?

DG: I don't know about Equinox. We never did get the tape from the producer.

Hunterweir: How did Dick feel about the project? Any toe-stepping?

DG: Dick was entirely supportive.

SS: Dick gave us that KILLER "The Same Thing."

TomThumBlz: A question for David and Steve..is there a possible box set part 2?

DG: I think you should ask BLAIR, too, TomThumb :^)

GG: They'll try to answer your questions, but give them a little breathing room, OK?

Outorsafe: Why did you choose rehersal versions of the NEWER songs ?

DG: It was hard to find good clean live performances of the later stuff.

TomThumBlz: blair is to busy with his sucker..lol

GrateMGL: hey Dave how'd your tour go ~ last time you were chatting with us.

DG: Let's save the Gans music stuff for another time, okay?

GG: It's not that David doesn't like to plug...

Lonekoyote: Who id\s the President of Kazhakistan?

DG: Lonekoyote, you need to ask George W that question!

ToddRabbit: <dumb question> where do I find out what's on the set? </>

DG: Todd, look at boxset.dead.net - tons of info there!

SS: There's another reason why we used rehearsals

SS: We used rehearsals because tape collectors have the live stuff or some of it and we wanted to give even hardcores really rare stuff.

AugustWst7: Why did you guys cut the track So Many Roads?

BJ: It's just some cosmetic nips and tucks on SMR to make it more pleasing as a repeat listening experience..

DG: We chose the 7/9/95 SMR because it was among the best performances we had, and it had that extra punch of being the last show. But Jerry blew a section and redid it, so we decided to edit for posterity.

GG: I'm glad you did; some deadheads will give you grief for it, but I think it's valid to edit.

TerraComm1: Wait a minute, the Box Set is called So Many Roads and it doesn't have that track on it ?

DG: Yes it does, Terra.

SS: That SMR is super emotional.

PADeadHead: what songs made the disc that you least expected during your initial concepts?

BJ: Least expected: definitely "Gentlemen Start Your Engines." When David and I ran across that in the Vault we thought there was no way it would be cool. But it was pretty chilling ...

SS: Plus, it was Brent kicking ass! This is a good set for Brent lovers.

AugustWst7: I personally would have liked to see more Pigpen, as I'm sure you would have too.

DG: We are hoping they'll do a whole Pigpen box.

SS: Amen to the Pigpen box idea.

AugustWst7: Is that Pigpen box set just hoping, or is that in the works???

DG: The Pigpen set exists in our HOPES only, at this point.

GG: I'm listening to the Terrapin right now on Disc 5. Phil sounds like his piezo is too loud. Was there any remnixing??

DG: No remixing of that Terrapin - it came from a stereo DAT source.

BJ: No remixing on the Terrapin. Yeah, there are some rattling strings there from Dr. Phil...

GG: it's partly my fault ;-)

TerraComm1: Okay, I got a question NOT about the Box Set. Dave, you know if the Other Ones will ever Tour again ?

DG: I have no idea.

RN98NLS: Any chance that the jams may be released in full at another time?

DG: No idea, RN98. There's tons of great music in the vault, and huge amounts of it will come out over time.

SS: As long as the Vault remains above water, there's a chance it'll all come out someday

SKULLnROSE: will Merry Danksters ever play again?

DG: Merry Danksters are talking about it. But let's save that for later, okay? This is a boxed set forum.

GrateMGL: I read an article where you were mentioned today Geoff.

BJ: Yeah I saw that article about Geoff, too. The thing about cross-dressing, right?

GG: ?

TennJed228: Off subject: Was DP 15 a tribute or a release?

DG: TennJed, what do you mean?

TennJed228: I mean that is it dedicated to Dick or is it just another vault release.

SS: Tenn, DP was both. DL always liked that show. He always wanted it released.

SKULLnROSE: Any hidden tracks on the box set :P

SS: No room for hidden tracks, Skull, we maxed out the time limits!

AugustWst7: How did you guys come across that To Lay Me Down?

BJ: Aug, the To Lay Me Down was in a box in the Vault with no other info on it. I asked Steve Barncard, who engineered American Beauty and he said he wasn't familiar with it. I'm convinced it's as rehearsal. Barncard said they rehearsed and recorded at Mickey's sometimes. Don't know who the piano player is either.

DG: Rehearsals were just rehearsals. Not slated for anything.

OceanDead7: Was there any resentment in the innerstructure of the GD world directed towards you? Were people within the structure jealous you guys got to do it?

GG: I think it's a difficult thing to discuss; GD politics are so...well..uhh...

SS: Let's not. Not here. Find us in a dark alley and ply us with drugs!

DG: I'd prefer not to talk about the internal politics.

OceanDead7: Q for all What are your personal favorite cuts from the box-set?

DG: Oh, I have a zillion favorites! "Believe It or Not" is pretty damn wonderful.

TennJed228: Why did Dick never release a good Peggy-O?

DG: Who the hell knows, TennJed?

GG: I would like to distract my guests briefly with the traditional GDF silly question: what is your current favorite ice cream?

SS: I like those new Dulce de Leche pops from Haagen Dasz, Geoff.

DG: Dulce de Leche ought to be ILLEGAL!

GG: after my gallstone attack, it's fat free sorbet for me!

TerraComm1: Dave, how does the GD organization feel about the upsurge of Internet Radio, "WebCasting".

DG: TerraCom, all I know is that we're tlaking about putting the GD Hour archive online eventually. Beyond that, I have no idea what "they" are thinking

TerraComm1: Dave, what I meant was, there are underground stations "WebCasting" Dead Shows, but on a bandwidth that is NOT recordable

DG: I don't know, TerraComm. Not my problem :^)

MBarker52: What about a box set of DVDs? When we gonna get the Shorelines??

BJ: I think there's a DVD of the Dead movie in the works with extra tracks/footage coming ...

Cassidyaye: when will that be realeased, Blair?

BJ: i have no idea. It's being worked on still, I believe...

AugustWst7: I loved reading those articles in the book that came with SMR, how did you decided who would be the writers??

DG: Steve S. chose the essayists.

SS: August, I chose those guys because they are all brilliant (except for MOI) and Mikal and Eric had not been overexposed in the Deadhead world yet.

AugustWst7: Very good choices, the writer from Time(I forget his name)'s piece was very moving

DG: Eric Ppoley is the TIME guy. I loved his piece.

SS: Eric Pooley's essay is mindblowing.

OceanDead7: Did you guys feel you *had* to include certain things on the box-set not based on your own views, but based on fan demand instead

DG: No, OPceanDead -- we chose the music based on the MUSIC. That's why there's no TOG, Truckin', other "Greatest Hits"

BJ: I'm not sure we actually took fan demand into consideration at all. But we are all fans

GG: I love The Wheel, but I'm not sure about the Box Set choice. Comments?

DG: We really wanted The Wheel, and it was hard to find a good one.

SS: Geoff, that jam is killer!

GG: but the singing is, uh

DG: We listened to 2/27/66 very closely -- it was def. a finalist.

DG: I MEAN 2/26/77

SS: We also checked out an '82 Wheel, but Phil didn't like the mix.

Outorsafe: David how come new GD hour in LA ?

DG: The radio biz in LA just ain't interested...

Xfactir: how much of the 5 discs are in the zone? compared to the sweet melodies?

SS: There is an equal measure of melody and Zone, X. That was the idea. Maybe a bit more Zone, actually. :-)

Outorsafe: will anyone take over Dick's legacy ?

DG: Dick's shoes are unfillable. His work will continue. The DP series will continue, as far as I know. Dick left a lot of notes behind.

SpredHed17: who recorded the rehearsals?

DG: The rehearsals were recorded by John Cutler, mostly.

DG: We wanted to have good vocals!

BJ: The singing is definitely better on the Brent "Wheels" but the jam was too good to ignore. After the first vocal line in the one we used it's pretty on-pitch.

Xfactir: how much input did cutler have?

SS: Cutler chose the Liberty, and it's a great one.

SpredHed17: the part in whiskey in a jar where they are talkinng is beautiful to me

DG: We all fell in love with that "Whiskey" rehearsal.

AugustWst7: So you're saying you picked that Playin for the flubbed vocals? I don't think so!

DG: We picked that Playing IN SPITE of the flubbed vocals, of course.

SS: We picked that Playin' because it's HAIR RAISING :)

Beardear: is it all live? or a mixture of studio and live?

DG: Beardear, go to boxset.dead.net for the full scoop

GG: Beardear, click on the upper right hand corner button [of the AOL Grateful Dead Forum] there's complete track info there

DG: Geoff has a better idea!

GG: well, it's here, but if you can navigate the dead.net site, they have lots of cool stuff

BarrettRd: have any of you guys ever heard a recording of Golden Road?

SS: We sure wanted to use a Golden Road -- maybe next time!

BJ: We wanted a good Golden Road but didn't find one. The great one from 3/18/67 is cut.

DrmzSpace: was going after the "newbie" audience a factor at all??

DG: re "newbie" audience -- we definitely wanted this to appeal to all sorts, including pewople who've never checked out the Dead before.

TomThumBlz: Question for Steve and Dave...what song should i play for my grandpa..he's interested in hearin the dead?

DG: TomThumb, I don't know! It's hard to choose one song to represent the variety of the Dead.

SS: Kyle, play your granpa Ripple, and if he likes that, try Alligator :)

DG: What Diga said!

SS: Right! The Sing Me Back Home from the box...

Trpr T: by the way, David, Blair & Steve: Thanks for all your work on this

DG: It was a thrill, Trpr T!

SS: It still is a thrill. Today was a great day of my lonely life as a Deadhead ;-) I was grinning all day!

AugustWst7: It must have been a double edged sword for you guys doing this job huh?

DG: How so, August?

AugustWst7: Well, you have the best job in the fact you get to listen to the Dead all day and pick which ones you like best, but, you also are going to take a lot of flack for not putting on certain songs that people felt should have been on there

GG: I like the CD sleeves; kind of like the old 78 sets

DG: Geoff Gans (NO RELATION!) did a fine job designing the package.

Lumenasan: You all must be thrilled by the early reviews

DG: We ARE thrilled by the early reviews!

SS: Geoff Gans also did Dylan's Time Out of Mind and lots of other cool stuff

JOpielaAB: What are we likely to see in the near future from Dick's Picks (you know he had to die)

DG: The DP series is in John Cutler's hands. Ask him.

Beardear: John Culler?

DG: Culler!

FlowrNsun: I love the pictures that were chosen respresenting the band throughout the years.

DG: Dave Gross of GD Records had a lot to do with the excellent photo selections.

PADeadHead: Did you give any consideration to the 2-11-70 Spanish Jam with Peter Green and D&G Allman?

BJ: I think the 2/11/70 jam with Peter Green and Co. will be a definite candidate if we ever do the GD & Friends

GG: anything w/Peter Green is OK w/me!

SpredHed17: is there talk of a gd and friends disc

BJ: Just talk

Davedead: DGans...Will we see (hear?) you post show at Philharmonia?

DG: I will not be performing after Philharmonia this time.

GrateMGL: will there be a All Star Dead Set (ie - special guests)

SS: Nice idea, eh Matty?

DG: We'd love to do a "special guests" set... If this one does well, we may be allowed to!

TomThumBlz: branford!!!

SS: The Bird Song with Branford is one of the highlights of this set.

TerraComm1: Dave, do you guys Puff when you do these ? I am straight and can just BARELY follow !! LOL

DG: I couldn't do this if I was stoned!

GrateMGL: Were you guys stoney at all listening to this or was this work work?

DG: GreatMGL, I don't think we shoudl have to answer that :^)

SS: Matt, I definitely consulted the Green Goddess for some of these tracks :-) I'm out of the closet that way :)

DG: Green Goddess! He kept bringing SALADS to the listening parties! but NO CROUTONS!

BJ: Hey buddy, drugs are illegal. Are you a narc or somethin'? ;)

Outorsafe: David are any of the stations with the GD hour over broadcast.com?

DG: Re gD Hour on the web: check links at www.trufun.com/stations.html for webcasts.

GG: or keyword: gdhour

FlowrNsun: David, Off the topic, how is the situation over at KPFA these days? ( I live here in Berkeley)

DG: Re KPFA: www.savepacifica.net. KPFA is a radio station in Berkeley. www.kpfa.org

BlwnNThWnd: ohh...I ain't used to radio stations beginning with K's

DG: K west of the Mississippi, W east of the Mississippi.

Davedead: listening to Sing me back home for the first time.......awesome

DG: I *love* that Sing Me Back Home.

BJ: The Sing me Back Home was a slam-dunk. It was a given when we started...

DG: We started thinking about it in June.

Xfactir: was the box set process consensus for each song? most? are did you each get to choose a number of them?

DG: Xfactir, we were pretty much in agreement about most stuff, but I did have to kick ass about a few things :^)

BJ: Believe it or not, we sort of worked in GD fashion, with loudest negative vote being considered.

AugustWst7: Hey, who finally got that Soundcheck Jam on there? Was that you Steve?

SS: We all wanted the soundcheck jam, Aug.

DG: There was NO ARGUMENT about the soundcheck jam. We all agreed!

GG: lemme ask my guests a question here. What's your favorite GD era? Was it represented enough?

SS: NO era was represented enough Geoff! Not a one

DG: My favorite GD era is '73-'74.

GG: cuz the 72-74 period was too short for me!

DG: It's well rperesented on the boxset, but also very well represented in the Dixpix series.

JOpielaAB: I have all the DIck's Picks, but not sure I can go for the new boxed set because there's no overt unity to it

SS: There is plenty of unity, Jo, you just haven't heard it yet. Listen first, THEN bitch.

BJ: No overt unity? How about Garcia-Weir-Lesh-Kreutzmann?

SS: Also, there are lots of little hidden unities -

GG: the box set is about the historic breadth of the band, not the unity of a single concert

SS: there are "Other One" jams that run through a lot of the music....

BJ: It would have been too easy to make an all early 70s set. That wasn't our mandate. We all believed it was important to represent every era.

B282225: david why is it 73-4? the quality of the music or your use of chemicals at the time or...?

DG: B28225, I didn't take a lot of drugs in those days. It was the MUSIC!!

OceanDead7: The warlocks~! why not more of that demo on the box set? just didnt make the grade ? time restictions?

DG: We have TWO Warlox trax on there. That's a lot of 1965!~

TomThumBlz: rob..i cant come down..lol

DG: I think "Can't Come Down" is the PERFECT keynote to the box. All that ATTITUDE right there. I think that's the Dead's "subterranean homesick blues"

GG: Can't Come Down has that proto-punk garage sound too

BJ: The Same Thing is from '67

SS: That Same Thing is beyond belief.

SS: Cream Puff War is pretty punky too.

APetrey: He was a Friend of Mine got missed

DG: LOTS OF STUFF GOT MISSED. We couldn't to it all!

BJ: Yeah, "friend" would've been nice...

FlowrNsun: You guys are doin a great job. I have all of your guys' books too =)

DG: Thank you, FlowrNsun!

SS: we only had 40 something slots and the Dead wrote over 100 songs plus all the covers...

APetrey: That's why we tape.

SS: Amen Petrey.

DG: We couldn't base our decisions on what the hard-core traders have.

GG: I don't believe in catering to the heavy tapers too much on a set like this - not everyone has an extensive tape collection.

BJ: "In circulation" is a relative ter. There aren't really that many people who have most of this stuff...

GG: you couldn't do it all, but at least you DID it!

SpredHed17: do yo think the stuff that got missed will be on a future release

DG: I don't know, SpredHed.


DG: Outorsafe is right!

TerraComm1: Dave, lots of comments about the price. Any feed back there ?

DG: I have nothing to say about the price.

SS: $60 on Dead.Net is a good price Terra...

JDvonW: People like myself might take a pass because we already have alot of it...

DG: Do what you must, JD. But if you want to see more of this sort of thing, then you'll support this.

SS: Dvon, if you look really close, you'll see there a lot of stuff you don't have, or have in this quality.

DG: Diga is right: lots of great studio stuff.

GG: Quick GDF plug: nobody can beat the GDM price; they're the manufacturer. But you help support the GDF when you buy it here! [End of plug]

DG: Support Geoff!

GregandCol: Is there no 1977 representation on the set???

DG: 1977 is VERY well represented in the Dixpix series. My first list had the 6/9/77 H->S->F, but we couldn't fit it in.

JOpielaAB: I think Dick saved the best for last...


SS: I loved Dick.

Outorsafe: The book is beautiful as well

DG: Yes, the book is wonderful.

DG: You can show this to your parents so they'll understand why we're so nuts about this!

SS: Glad you liked the book, Out.

JDvonW: Who's taking care of the vault?

DG: The vault is in very good hands.

TomThumBlz: Steve you know anything about Mickey's new book?

SS: Yes, Tom - Mickey's new book is a collection of cool quotes about music.

MaxGowan: Blair - Thanks for your "scraps' from your book, posted at your web site!DG: What Max said: blairjackson.com is very cool!

SS: Blair's book is wonderful -- Garcia: An American Life.

SS: I want to read it AGAIN now

GG: Blair was very nice to you guys; he signed a ton of books for the GDF Store!

BJ: Thanks dudes and dudettes. It's been quite a year for this ol' boy...

JDvonW: so is it true Phil had the final say on selections--what did he nix, if anything?

DG: Phil did have the final veto.

DG: He said no to a cool rehearsal of "Wave to the Wind," which we really wanted to include.

BJ: We had a good Wave to the Wind rehearsal, but Phil didn't want it on there.

SS: That was the One That Got Away. The WTTW

Beardear: How come only Phil had say and none of the other boys?

DG: The other guys were welcome to kibitz, but they didn't choose to.

SpredHed17: do any of you TRULY realise how blessd you are to have such awesome jobs?

DG: Yes., SpredHed, I am VERY MUCH AWARE of that :^)

SS: Spred, I think about that EVERY day!

PropMan001: Why did Kimock split the tour?

DG: No idea, PropMan.

MaxGowan: And David - nice work in getting your evangelical jam on to the setDG: The "beautiful jam" was my personal mission! :^)

SS: Blair, did you have any "personal mission" tracks on the set?

BJ: My personal mission was the jam out of terrapin on Disc 4...

SS: That is mind-melting, Blair.

DG: Blair did not have to twist our arms about the JOOT.

MaxGowan: Blair - yeah I was there and sent you the tape the next weekBJ: Wow, that was you, Max? Thanks! That was a favorite road trip of mine...

GG: the bass solo from 10/9/72!

PropMan001: David, aren't you coming to Atlanta soon?

DG: I was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, PropMan. Had a great time, too! I may be back there with Blueground Undergrass after the first of the year.

GG: listening to Jam into Days Between...nice find guys!

SS: That Jam is one of my faves - It's like a hot Unbroken jam.

BJ: Hard to find a "Days" that had both the lyrics together and good playing. I love the clarity of the rehearsal

MaxGowan: Blair - check phil 9 12?/93 some time

BJ: Max, I did check that version. It's really good. The keyboards are bit overripe IMO.

SS: Days Between is so heavy it's hard to talk about.

GG: I think a lot of the late Garcia/Hunter tunes are from the same well

DG: Days between was the last song he wrote with Hunter.

BJ: I love "days Between." I think "Standing on the Moon" is vastly underrated, though

SpredHed17: off the subject david who do i contact to bring the GD Hour to my region

DG: SpredHed, visit www.trufun.com and follow the links to the GD Hour.

JDvonW: Why the final So Many Roads--there were a lot more that hit higher emotional peaks

DG: JD, that was the cleanest and most emotional one we could find. It does hat that SUMMATION quality to it.

Ace Deo: I do admit I would have liked have seen a "Sitting on Top of the World" but I am not complaining

SS: I would have too, Ace

JDvonW: And Believe it or Not--6-23-88!

BJ: Don't forget the Believe It Or Not from 7/29/88. The whole set is amazing!

Phish8585: I haven't got the set yet...is Wharf Rat on it?

DG: No Wharf Rat. Sorry! We couldn't do it all!

APetrey: In Gans we trust

DG: Thanks APetrey! :^) May I put that on a bumper sticker? :^)SS: Have you guys entered the contest on Dead.net yet?

SS: Go to www.dead.net and enter the contest!

DG: Enter that contest! Steve doesn't have enough reading material...

GG: I think we'll wrap soon everyone. Let's make these last questions really good!oh wait! we have a contest here tonight!

SS: Right geoff -- the posters!

GG: I almost forgot!

GG: OK, David, Blair, and Steve, please choose a poster winner!

BJ: You're all weiners

DG: I choose SPAZZ25693, because it's a very funny screen name!SS: OceanDead7 is my winner.

BJ: I'll pick Kaye, for the chick vote...;)

SS: I think Spazz is a chick too :)

GG: winners please email me so I can mail your your prize!

AugustWst7: awww what about me?

BJ: No August, you've been calling out the answers...

Lonekoyote: Okay--everybody meet at Spago's....for BBQ.

DG: Mmmmm... BBQ!

SS: are there any more, Geoff?

GG: I need to choose one too but I feel too much pressure!

Davedead: did you guys hear franklins tower in the watkin glen jam?

DG: I hear all sorts of things in the WGlen jam. Franklin's Tower is two chords -- there are a lot of songs that sound like that...

GG: I award Marysdogs!DG: Marysdogs! Another great screen name!GG: co-founder of GDF! Mary Eisenhart! let's all thank Mary

SS: wow, is that you Mary?

DG: Mary Eisenhart! Also co-founder of the WELL GD conference...

BJ: (In Ted Baxter voice) Thanks, Mare...

Phish8585: David....are you coming to MA or RI anytime soon?

DG: I have no definite tour plans for 2000 yet. Check www.trufun.com/gigs.html for updates.

GrateMGL: So dave how did the East Coast tour go??

DG: I have been having a great time being a musician! Can't wait to get out there again. it's privilege to serve the music.

AugustWst7: David come to RHODE ISLAND

DG: ASAP, August!

Jackoro: Dave, come to the Fillmore (philmore) in Denver.

DG: I'll be at Quixote's soon, I think (near Denver)

Raelani SM: David: come play Santa Cruz. :-)

DG: Reaelani, I'll be at Henfling's in December with Jim Page! JOpielaAB, I used to live in Santa Cruz..the best place in America - www.trufun.com/gigs.html

PADeadHead: david, great show at hexfest!

DG: Thanks, PADeadheads! Great tape!!

GG: OK, Dave, Blair, and Steve - any last comments?

GG: Steve? I think Steve fell out!??

SS: sorry, I got bumped!

BJ: Bumped, or had to take another bong hit?

GG: last words Steve?

SS: Yes: THANK YOU ALL for coming and I really hope you have lots of JOYFUL times with this music! May it be a source of endless discovery...

DG: What Steve said. Thank you for being here!

GG: OK thanks to everyone for coming

BJ: The insanity is yours, I'm sure

GG: release the hounds!

GG: We bid you goodnight

SS: gnite

DG: Good night, all!

GG: post-party in 710!

BJ: Grateful Dead: Can't sing. Ugly. High on god-knows what.

GG: stay as long as you like; I'm getting dinner!