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Workingman's Dead DVD-Audio Now In Stock


  • With the superior 96/24 technology and the multichannel Surround Sound mix, WORKINGMAN’S DEAD has never sounded better.
  • Includes new mixes of classic Dead songs, including
    • “Casey Jones”
    • “Uncle John’s Band”
  • Photo gallery contains hard-to-find Grateful Dead photographs, some exclusive to this release.
  • Complete lyrics on screen.
  • Package includes insightful new essay discussing the inspiration and the recording of the album.
  • Includes six-channel Dolby Digital Surround mix playable on all current DVD players.

DVD-Audio Facts

  • Presents the original album in a new 5.1 Surround Sound Advanced Resolution mix made from the original album multi-track tapes by band member Mickey Hart and approved by the Grateful Dead.
  • The disc also includes a DVD-Video compatible Dolby Digital Surround Sound mix and an Advanced Resolution stereo mix.
  • Easy navigation menu.
  • All graphics and video content can be viewed on any DVD player.
  • Includes a video interview with original Grateful Dead member Bob Weir, filmed specifically for this DVDAudio release.
  • The onscreen menu includes lyrics to all the songs, a feature not included on the CD version.


WORKINGMAN’S DEAD was the first of two studio masterpieces released by the Grateful Dead in 1970, and it began the band’s progression away from the psychedelic experiments of their earlier studio and live albums.

The album is full of refined and accomplished songwriting, and it proved to be universally appealing. Driven by the band’s first radio hits, “Casey Jones” and “Uncle John’s Band,” the album reached #27 on BILLBOARD chart and was voted Album of the Year by the readers of ROLLING STONE .

Mainly acoustic with beautiful melodies and delicate harmony vocals at its heart, this album is acknowledged as one of the landmark releases in the evolution of alternative country. Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, an expert in Surround Sound technology, mixed the album for DVD-Audio.

As with Mickey’s mix for AMERICAN BEAUTY , many vocals and instruments that had been buried were uncovered, and many songs are now longer as a result. “New Speedway Boogie” now includes glorious gospel-flavored backing vocals omitted from the original release. Hart also produced a sparkliing new stereo mix.

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