Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

Red Octopus Re-issued!

The GD Forum is proud to bring you this re-released classic from 1975. Red Octopus was the classic intersection of love songs with deep artistic vision. This group bears little resemblance to the top-40 band that became known later as Starship. I heartily recommend you own this CD!

This release has been digitally remastered, and features new liner notes, featuring interviews with Paul Kantner.

Of direct interest to Deadheads is the Robert Hunter/David Frieberg/Marty Balin song "Tumblin."

The Songs:

Fast Buck Freddie (Slick/Chaquico) 3:28
Miracles (Balin) 6:52
Git Fiddler (Creach/Moore/Parker) 3:08
Ai Garimasu (There Is Love) (Slick) 4:15
Sweeter Than Honey (Chaquico/Balin/Sears) 3:20
Play On Love (Slick/Sears) 3:44
Tumblin (Balin/Hunter/Freiberg) 3:27
I Want To See Another World
(Kantner/Slick/Balin) 4:34
Sandalphon (Sears) 4:08
There Will Be Love (Kantner/Balin/Chaquico) 5:04

Price: $15.98

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