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These are from 1998.

If you find any of these links have expired, please email us, and we'll remove it.

12/25/98 Phil Lesh Releases Statement After Surgery (

12/18/98 GD Press Release on Phil's Successful Surgery (GDF NetNews)

12/18/98 Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh undergoes liver transplant (AP/SFGate)

12/16/98 Drama of the Moment & Music (

12/8/98 Workingman's Dead --Dick's Picks' creator pulls some skeletons from the closet (Rolling Stone)

12/7/98 Phil Lesh to Undergo Surgery (SF Chronicle)

12/2/98 Mickey Hart Returns Attention to World Music (CNN) RealAudio video interview!

11/11/98 Lesh is More (Rolling Stone)

11/7/98 Hanging Tight. Stanford guru revives Grateful Dead spirit with eclectic housing (SF Chronicle)

10/28/98 The Dead's Mickey Hart Teams with Bluesman Olu Dara (JamTV)

10/15/98 Garcia's ex to settle suit vs. his widow (SF Examiner)

10/15/98 Garcia's Ex-Wife To Get $1.25 Million--`Mountain Girl' had sued star's estate (SF Chronicle)

10/7/98 Pssst, Phil Lesh Is (Not) Dead (SF Gate)

10/7/98 Hart a hit with Planet Drum (Yahoo! News)

10/6/98 Grateful Dead's $40 Million Terrapin Station Stalled (SonicNet)

10/5/98 Planet Drum brings eclectic rhythms to SLC (Deseret News)

10/1/98 Planet Drummer: Mickey Hart (SF Gate)

Note From Geoff on 9/30: Phil is home from the Hospital

9/27/98 Phil Lesh Hospitalized (SF Examiner)

9/27/98 Q&A with Mickey Hart (SF Chronicle)

9/19/98 Rumors of Liver Transplant for Phil Lesh reportedly false (SF Chronicle)

9/18/98 Jill Lesh post regarding Phil's health ( conference)

9/3/98 Jerry Garcia's Estate Sued, Ex-employee says she's owed `Cherry Garcia' money (SF Chronicle)

8/14/98 It's the spirit of the Dead, not the name (Bergen Record)

8/6/98 The Music Never Stopped (Cumberland Blues Review from Rolling Stone)

7/27/98 Other Ones Looking Like Old Comrades (SF. Chronicle)

Dave and Bob Photo , Bruce Hornsby, and Fans Dancing (Chronicle Photos by Liz Hafalia)

7/26/98 Negative review of TOO prompts recriminations by fans (Denver Post)

7/24/98 The living Dead (San Jose Mercury)

7/21/98 Other Ones don't measure up (Denver Post)

7/15/98 Jam Yesterday, Jam Tomorrow (Chicago Tribune)

7/13/98 Other Ones give a nod to the late, great Dead (Detroit Free Press)

7/13/98 Dead live on in Other Ones, but so what? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

7/6/98 Day Of The Living Dead (Time)

7/6/98 The Other Ones and the Grateful faithful are proving . . .The Dead don't die (Dallas Morning News)

7/6/98 Other Ones Taking the Dead Sound Furthur (Philadelphia Inquirer) [note from Geoff: A particularly bitchy, clueless article]

7/2/98 Steve Kimock: Going for It (Enterzone)

7/2/98 Further proof the Other Ones are Dead on (Boston Globe)

7/1/98 No ghosts among the living Dead (Bergen Record)

6/30/98 The Other Ones: Back from the Dead (Boston Globe)

6/26/98 Fresh Dead for the diehards (Bergen Record)

6/13/98 Raising The Dead? (GDForum.Com NetNews)

6/9/98 Dead's Music Raises `Cumberland'--Songs fit perfectly with Depression-era story (SF Chronicle)

6/6/98 Doubly Grateful--Pair of guitarists adds musical heft to Other One's debut (SF Chronicle)

Bob and Phil Photo (Chronicle Photo by Liz Hafalia)

6/5/98 Cyberspace Guru Barlow Enjoying Harvard Gig (Boston Globe)

5/28/98 An Afterlife for The Dead? (Davenet)

5/12/98 Jazz Is Dead ... music is Grateful as jazzers play music for Deadheads (KC Star)

3/3/98 The Grateful Dead, Reincarnated--Lesh, Weir, Hart re-forming as the Other Ones for summer `Furthur' tour (SF Chronicle)

Picture of Stan Franks and Phil Lesh (Susana Millman)

3/2/98 GDP Announces "The Other Ones" to headline Furthur '98 (GDF News)

2/19/98 Grateful Diver goes for record (Kansas City Star)

1/17/98 KEN GARCIA -- The Dead's Unseemly Greedy Grab--Once irreverent group has sold out big time (SF Chronicle) [note from Geoff: A misguided article from someone who should know better]

1/11/98 Q and A with Bill Kreutzmann (SF Chronicle)

1/9/98 Truckin' down to Deadland, Inc.WHAT A LONG, STUPID TRIP IT'S GONNA BE. [note from Geoff: A particularly venomous article; be forewarned!]

1/7/98 Trade a Tape, Go To Jail?, Steve Silberman, WIRED News

1/6/98 An S.F. Shrine For Deadheads / Band plans huge entertainment center (San Francisco Chronicle)

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