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These are from 1999

If you find any of these links have expired, please email us, and we'll remove it.

12/24/99 Box set traces trails of Dead's long, strange trip (

12/19/99 Deal struck to enable Julia Butterfly to come down from protest perch (SF Gate)

12/8/99 The Dead Fight Over Recordings (SF Gate)

12/4/99 Official GDP Statement re: Vault Rumors (GDF NetNews)

12/3/99 NPR's All Things Considered review of Box Set (Need RealAudio Player)

11/29/99 Sharps and Flats (Review of Box Set by

11/19/99 Lesh Dylan review from Cornell (Excite News)

11/10/99 The Dead in Afterlife, And a Dynamic Dylan (Washington Post)

11/7/99  Back From the Dead--Phil Lesh and Bob Weir bring their bands to Worcester (Worcester Telegram and Gazette)

11/5/99 Mickey Hart on national book tour (GDF NetNews)

10/99 Just A Guy Who Plays Drums: An Interview with Bill Kreutzmann (JamBands.Com)

10/18/99 Did They Spike FBI Agents' Drinks With LSD? Feds Release Files on Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane (

9/29/99 Phil, Bob, and Donna to sing National Anthem at close of Candlestick (Live Daily)

9/26/99 Additional Venues Confirmed For Ratdog Tour (Live Daily)

9/2/99 David Crosby living life to the fullest (SF Gate)

9/2/99 Give Away Tunes, Make Money? (Wired News)

8/30/99 No. 1 fan--Remembering Dick Latvala, chronicler of the Dead (Chicago Metromix)

8/25/99 Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh Reportedly Planning Winter Tour (Live Daily)

8/10/99 Phil Interview--On the road with a few friends (MSN Sidewalk Denver)

8/6/99 Dick Latvala Passes on at Age 56 (GDF NetNews)

7/29/99 Dick Latvala in coma, due to heart attack (GDF NetNews)

7/15/99 Bob Weir Weds Natascha Muenter (GDF NetNews) Now with Photos!

7/99 Slave to the Rhythm ( [note from Geoff: This contains a clueless error or two, such as a reference to Vince Welnick being part of The Other Ones!]

6/24/99 Bootleg CD Seller Arrested (Bergen Record)

6/14/99 No Furthur Festival in 1999 (GDF NetNews)

6/7/99 Dead Film, 60's Photos Featured at McCartney Exhibition (Live Daily)

5/31/99 Chatting with Garcia -- not so 'dead'? ( 

5/20/99 Grateful Dead Music Museum's Groundbreaking Planned For 2000 (SonicNet)

5/15/99 Phil Lesh on the Unbroken Chain Foundation and His New Phriends (

5/14/99 A Conversation with Phil Lesh (Rolling Stone)
[includes RealAudio content!]

5/11/99 Grateful Dead Issues Rules For MP3 Distribution, Members Set Tour Dates (Live Daily)

5/11/99 Lawyers for GD issue MP3 Statement (PRNewswire)

5/6/99 Furthur 1999--The Power of Rumor (GDF NetNews)

4/29/99 Official GDP Statement to MP3 Site Operators (GDF NetNews)

4/13/99 Phil's New Zone (SF Chronicle)

4/8/99 Grateful Dead Support Tipper Gore (Yahoo/AP)

4/1/99 Furthur 1999--To be or not to be? (GDF NetNews)

3/29/99 Furthur Festival May Go Further (Billboard)

3/17/99 Ex Dead Members Shelve Furthur Festival for '99 (SonicNet)

3/15/99 You spammed a Deadhead list? Oh, brother! (Bergen Record)

2/8/99 The 'Dead' Grateful for MP3 (Wired News)

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