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new! 12/4/02 Music review, the Other Ones at the Allstate Arena (Chicago Tribune)

new! 12/2/02 Band members capture spirit of Grateful Dead (indystar.com)

new! 12/1/02 Other Ones reunite - Former Grateful Dead mates patch things up (SFGate)

new! 11/30/02 Concert Review: Other Ones show the spirit of the Dead (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

11/28/02 Keeping Pace With Shades of the Dead (NY Times)


11/25/02 Other Ones relive past glory, but can't wake the Dead (Philadelphia Inquirer)

11/23/02 Dead Fans Hear Jams Of Days Gone By (ctnow.coom)

11/15/02 'Other Ones' sound like old friends (Roanoke.com)

11/14/02 Deadheads gather for start of concert tour (AP)

11/13/02 Dead's Surviving Members Go On Tour  (Associated Press)

11/6/02 Bill Walton Turns 50 (AP/Yahoo)

new! 9/25/02 Mickey Hart: 'A Philosophy and Technique Rolled In' (JamBands)

9/4/02 Book Says Grateful Dead Has Grand Place in History (Yahoo/Reuters) [signed copies still available]

8/30/02 A Long, Staid Trip - How Deadheads ruined the Grateful Dead. By Marc Weingarten (Slate)

8/14/02 The book of the Dead (SJ Mercury)

8/13/02 411 Ticketed at Grateful Dead Show (AP/Yahoo)

8/11/02 Notes from the road
Band historian Dennis McNally puts 30 years of the Grateful Dead on the record
(SF Gate)

8/5/02 Grateful Dead Reunion Slide Show (AP/Yahoo)

8/5/02 Rest of Grateful Dead Plan Fall Tour (AP/Yahoo)

8/4/02 The Other Ones: a Grateful Dead cover band of the highest order (AP/Yahoo)

8/4/02 Ex-Grateful Dead Play First Gig Since Garcia Death (AP/Yahoo)

8/3/02 Grateful Dead Reunites in Wisconsin (AP/Yahoo)

8/2/02 Deadheads Arrive for Two-Day Reunion (AP/Yahoo!)

8/1/02 Deadheads trekking to Wisconsin for concert by surviving Grateful Dead members (SFGate)

7/30/02 Terrapin StationWebcast, new tour, FAQ's (updated) (dead.net)

6/18/02 Grateful Dead reunion show still a possibility (Jam Showbiz)

6/14/02 Promoter Still In Discussions About Grateful Dead Reunion (channel3000)

6/12/02 Grateful Dead drummer working a strong beat (CNN)

6/12/02 Wisconsin Town Kills Dead Reunion (Yahoo!/E! Online Music)

6/11/02 Committee denies license for Grateful Dead reunion concert in East Troy (SFGate)

5/23/02 Flower Staying-Power - Hippies Hang on to Their Counter-Cultural Groove (ABC News)

5/21/02 Surviving members of Grateful Dead to reunite for two-day concert in Wisconsin (SFGate)

5/15/02 Garcia's widow bemoans guitars sold at auction (Marin IJ)

5/10/02 Guitarmaker to reopen shop - Instruments sold for $1.74 million (SFGate)

5/9/02 Garcia's guitars fetch record - 'Wolf,' 'Tiger' sold at memorabilia auction for $1.74 million (SFGate)

5/5/02 Weir and Lesh Jam at Jazz Fest (AP Photo)

4/27/02 Garcia ax auction set (SFGate) [auctioneer's bio of guitars]
[additional note from Geoff: Ebay has links to all items being sold at auction. The list is awesome.]

4/24/02 Dead Man Singing (Tennessean.com) [nice article about Rober Hunter]

4/18/02 Merl Saunders to perform again (SFGate)

4/17/02 Hart to Hart with Fidel (SFGate) [Mickey goes to Cuba!]

4/9/02 Drummer Hart Joins Forces With Kodo (Yahoo/AP)

3/24/02 Grateful Dead's Lesh tunes up new label (Yahoo/Reuters)

3/14/02 Fight For Garcia Guitars Continues (Yahoo/AP)

3/13/02 Garcia guitar dispute still has tax strings attached (SF Gate)

3/13/02 Garcia guitar dispute still has tax strings attached (SFGate)

3/12/02 The Jerry Garcia Guitars at Auction (Guernsey's) guitar info | artwork info

3/10/02 Bruce Hornsby Says The Other Ones Are Gratefully Dead (Yahoo News)

3/02 Built to Last (acousticguitar.com) [about how the GD recorded Workingman's Dead and American Beauty in one year]

2/25/02 Grateful Dead lyricist lambasts DMCA (The Register) [Barlow interview]

2/22/02 Trouble ahead, trouble behind (cnet news) [Barlow interview]

2/02 Free Garcia's Guitars! (RollingStone.com) [note from Geoff: mainly the same old stuff, but does contain some new comments from Phil]

2/7/02 Dick's Picks 24 to be from "Sound Test" (GDF NetNews)

2/5/02 Live Dead CD of Dylan Covers Due (Rolling Stone) [click here for more info]

1/8/02 Agreement Reached for Custody of Jerry Garcia's Guitars (LA Times) [longer article]

1/8/02 Agreement Reached for Custody of Jerry Garcia's Guitars (SF Gate)

1/7/02 New settlement w/Irwin over guitars (AP Photo)

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